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Friday, May 1, 2009

Dr. Know-The Best Of Dr. Know

Dr. Know-The Best Of Dr. Know:

1. U.S.A.
2. What To Do
3. Boy's Life
4. Life Returns
5. Fist Fuck
6. Egomaniac
7. Watch It Burn
8. In That House
9. Emergency Room
10. Piece Of Meat
11. Saviour
12. God Told Me To
13. Mr. Freeze
14. Fear The Intruder
15. Circle Of Fear
16. Deprogram
17. These Pressures
18. Citizens Of The World
19. Life (Instrumental)
20. Life Returns
21. Crucified
22. Live At Mystic
23. Stop The Machine
24. Ice House
25. Waste Of Time
26. Fear Of War
27. El Salvador
28. Vaccination
29. Darkness
30. God Bless America
31. Cold War
32. What To Do

Download Vol. 1

Download Vol. 2

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Anonymous said...

Volume 2 Link is dead