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Friday, May 28, 2010

Casualties-We Are All We Have

"We Are All We Have" saw the Casual Ties experimenting with reggae and ska to mixed results. Jorge's voice just murders it if you ask me. The rest is a mixed bag, as is the band. Lyrics still suck, but the band is as tight as ever, with crisp, clean and clear production. I like it, but at the same time, I think I'm only posting it boost traffic. Every time I post a more "mainstream" band, it gets downloaded a lot, even if it readily available on every other punk blog. Fuck it though, it works on two levels. I get to increase flow and that in turns increases downloads on some of the more obscure shit here, cause some actually check out the rest of the site. It's my crude business plan...Even though I make zero money from this endeavor anyways. Fuck it. I still need to make up for lost time. I'm on a posting spree!

Casualties-We Are All We Have:

1. Carry On The Flag
2. We Are All We Have
3. Hearts Bleeds Black
4. Rise And Fall
5. Apocalypse Today
6. War Is Business
7. In The Tombs
8. Stand Against Them All
9. Depression-Unemployment Lines
10. Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes
11. Lonely On The Streets-Jersey City
12. Life Clone
13. Clockwork
14. Rockers' Reggae (Working Man's Dub)


Star Fucking Hipsters-Never Rest In Peace

Star Fucking Hipsters-Never Rest In Peace:

1. Vol II
2. 3,000 Miles
3. Look Who's Talking Now!
4. Design
5. Church & Rape
6. The Civilization Show
7. Allergic II Peoples
8. Dreams Are Dead
9. Heaving (With Degenerics)
10. Banned From Land
11. Severance Pay
12. S.F.H. Theme
13. Never Rest In Peace


Wanted Dead-Repercussions

Here's a post which I'm lifting directly from One Life 2 Liver because of sheer awesomeness. Wanted Dead are from Oceanside, Ca. and fucking rule. Since I downloaded this the first time, it's consistently been played. It's brutal, hard hitting hardcore punk rock. Enjoy!

Wanted Dead-Repercussions:

1. Intro
2. Shout Out
3. 100 Proof Blackout
4. Revenge
5. Mace On My Face
6. The Bats
7. Fucked At Birth
8. Dancin' With The Devil
9. Murder
10. Deathwish
11. Buried In Sand
12. Violence
13. Society
14. Black Roses
15. Few Good Men


As a bonus, here's a sampler from 2005, that, according to Vultch, hasn't been released.


Tunnel Rats-Our War Is Never Over

I got this on Soulseek a long time ago. Loud, obnoxious, offensive punk rock stuck in a GG Allin state of mind. Juvenile delinquents, murderers and rapists rejoice! Here's 26 anthems to fuel any lewd or illegal act that you can think of. I'm not too familiar with the band's history or anything about them really, other than they're from New Hampshire and kick ass. Their Myspace has a detailed history on it, but I don't want to take the time to read it...Fuck off and enjoy!

Tunnel Rats-Our War Is Never Over:

1. Head Broke In
2. Damn It All
3. Fuck This Shit
4. I Love Young Cunt
5. Cover Band
6. S&M Party
7. Annette's Got The Tits
8. Regression
9. Hillside Strangler
10. Lights Out
11. Fuck That Weak Shit
12. Dog Too Tough
13. Live Free Or Die
14. Don't Tell Yer Mom
15. Patriots Militia
16. Going To Marty's
17. I'm So Drunk
18. Tough Fucking Shit
19. Die When You Die
20. Santiago Sucks
21. I Should Have Killed You Yesterday
22. Run For Your Life
23. I Love Living In New Hampshire
24. Rollins Is A Gay Boy
25. The NFL
26. Symptom Of The Universe


The Alligators-You Ruined Everything

As much as I love Agnostic Front, this is Roger's better band at the moment. If only Agnostic Front would speed back up, stop trying to sound like Hatebreed and stop sucking. I don't see that happening, so fuck it. The Alligators rule. It's a nice throwback to "Victim In Pain" type stuff. Enjoy!

The Alligators-You Ruined Everything:

1. Song One
2. No Brains, No Balls
3. We The People
4. You Ruined Everything
5. Leave Us Alone
6. Times Up, Your Dead


The Pist-Input Equals Output

The Pist fucking kick so much ass that it's difficult to explain how much they do in fact kick ass. They're one of those bands with lyrics that make you think and are actually good. Musically, this is your standard punk or street punk, but it's more a thinking man's kinda band in that you're taken aback by the intelligence behind some of these words. It's not like Al picked up a dictionary and was like "that's a cool word that will rhyme", it's more like "here's a word that actually makes sense in the context of the song...that rhymes". Fucking awesome band. I only wish I didn't discover them so late. Enjoy!

The Pist-Input Equals Output:

1. We're The Pist
2. Destroy Society
3. Textbook Salvation
4. Hallelujah
5. Punk Song
6. No (Subhumans)
7. Ha Ha Ha (Flipper)
8. For Every Action
9. True Love
10. Threat
11. Warning Shot
12. I Hate Music
13. New School
14. Bonanaza
15. Fuck Shit Up (Blatz)
16. Your America
17. Anti-Human
18. Right To Choose
19. Bubble Gum Bullshit
20. Someone's Gonna Die (Blitz)
21. Unspoken
22. Small Town
23. Creature In My Closet
24. Black-n-Blue Collar
25. Needless
26. Slogans
27. Wrong
28. Walking Revolution
29. Sedate
30. Comfortable
31. The First Stone
32. Mutual
33. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)


U.S. Chaos-Complete Chaos-Anthology

If there ever was a punk band for the true conservative, N.R.A. supporting gun lovers, U.S. Chaos would be that band. They're pretty far to the right when it comes to the majority of the bands I listen to, but the fact is that they're still a damn good Oi! band and one of the first from the great states of the U.S.A. I know there is gonna be some dumb motherfucker posting in the comments because they do cover Skrewdriver...Although it was a song written and recorded before Ian re-tooled the band as the poster child for Hitler's spiritual resurrection.

Is U.S. Chaos patriotic? Yes (it seems), but it's hard to pin-point their true views when so many bands have played the same card, but sarcastically...I'm pretty sure it's a satire of sorts. It is over the top, but the tone doesn't lead you to think that they're anything but serious. I can't really decipher it, so fuck it. Some sources say it's sarcastic, others say no, so I really don't know. Is U.S. Chaos racist? Probably not, but in any P.C. punks mind, being the least bit patriotic qualifies you as card carrying member of the far right. I really don't give a fuck though, so you can suck my dick. Lars & the Bastards kinda covered Skrewdriver to...That motherfucker admitted in an interview that he has a few of their records in his vast collection, and also openly admitted to spinning them. Sure, you won't see Stza or Fat Mike with a Warfare 88 shirt, but come on already, it's 2010 and I believe in a thing called progress...One day Neo-Nazis will be joyfully holding hands with hippies and blacks, skipping lovingly through a field and picking flowers while the homosexual president announces that there is finally world peace. It's only a matter of time. I am in an absurd mood. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

U.S. Chaos-Complete Chaos-Anthology:

1. Message Of Love
2. American
3. Guns By My Side
4. Bits And Pieces
5. Into The Swamp
6. Chaos
7. Eye For An Eye
8. Don't Wanna Live
9. Blame It On Sam
10. Anti-Social/Chaos
11. For Being Young
12. Last Call For Alcohol


Abrasive Wheels-When The Punks Go Marching In

Abrasive Wheels-When The Punks Go Marching In:

1. Vicious Circle
2. 1982
3. Danger Danger
4. BBC
5. Mayday
6. Voice Of Youth
7. Just Another Punk Band
8. Gotta Run
9. Burn 'Em Down
10. Shout It Out
11. Slaughterhouse
12. First Rule
13. Attack
14. When The Punks Go Marching In
15. The Army Song
16. Juvenile
17. So Slow
18. Vicious Circle (Single Version)
19. Attack (Single Version)
20. Voice of Youth (Single Version)
21. Urban Rebel
22. Criminal Youth


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Use For A Name-¡Leche con Carne!

This is an unusual album for this blog and an unusual album for me to like. No Use For A Name and I go way back...Back to the early days of punk for myself. An interesting story I will relay to those who take the time to read this shit.

A long time ago my sister played soccer. On my sister's team, Matt Riddle's (formerly of Face To Face, currently in NUFAN) stepson played alongside her. I was a fat, Star Wars nerd with a skateboard, attempting to learn on the rock covered asphalt of Baldy Mesa Elementary school. Well, my father introduced me to Matt, because he knew we had a mutual love for video games. I peeped his Link tattoo on this calf and knew I had a buddy. Then I found out he played bass for NUFAN (not on the album I'm posting). I only knew them from a Warped Tour Comp I picked up from Hot Topic prior to the meeting. We got to talking and found out he shared a passion for Star Wars (and Lord Of The Rings...ewww). He asked me if I liked punk. I said "yeah, I like Blink 182"...That wasn't really punk, but I was a fat, Star Wars nerd, so it was to me. He pointed me in the direction of The Ramones and is directly responsible for my "transformation". I was so naive at the time, I asked why Ignite had a save the whales thing on one of their albums. He could of just written me off right then and there, but he kept "mentoring" me. He's a nerd and I was (am), so we got along pretty good, discussing everything from bands I should listen to, all the way to references to Star Wars in Kevin Smith films. He gave me "Live In A Dive" and "More Betterness" by NUFAN and a signed comic book that accompanied NUFAN's "Live In A Dive". At the time I didn't understand punk bands' goals were not to get huge and be played on MTV, so I always wished him luck with making it big haha. He was a pretty cool guy.

Then years later, I ran into him at Stater Bros. in Phelan, Ca. and you could see him laughing on the inside cause I looked like a circus freak with my studded leather, liberty spikes, patches, etc. All I could really say to him was "thanks"...So, thanks Matt. Thanks for sending me on this self destructive path of punk, metal and alcohol...You fucking rock and you still owe me a round of Halo!

Matt doesn't play on this record, but it's still my favorite one. Basic 90s pop-punk, but more punk than pop that it's just punk. I like it. Enjoy!

No Use For A Name-¡Leche con Carne!:

1. Justified Black Eye
2. Couch Boy
3. Soul Mate
4. 51 Days
5. Leave It Behind
6. Redemption Song
7. Straight From The Jacket
8. Fields Of Agony
9. Fatal Flu
10. Wood
11. Alone
12. Exit


No-Cash-Run Your Pockets

I've been seriously lagging in any posts for the last few months, mainly due to the lack of a computer at my apartment and that I work way too fucking much. Well, I have an opportunity to post something, so I will.

And it's nothing remotely rare or difficult to find in any sense. In fact, you probably already have it. It's No Cash's only full length, "Run Your Pockets". So steeped in Stza worship it is, that I confused them with No Commercial Value for the longest time. It sounds that much like L.O.C. and Choking Victim. Of course it's not, but I can see where the confusion would come in. They're actually a band of unique members with no legitimate connection to the O.G.'s in New York besides being a complete fucking musical and lyrical ripoff. And that is a good thing to be.

This is your standard crack rock, which isn't standard by stretch of the term. It's a musical clusterfuck, that at times has difficulty defining itself in the chaos...But that's where the beauty lies. It's fucking awesome shit. That's all there is to it. If you don't like punkskahiphopmetalcrustetccore, then you won't like this. I've been listening to too much similar shit lately. Check out The Dumpers and My Own Religion to see this enticing "new" subgenre that has sprung up from the blueprint drawn by Stza and the rest of the crack rock steady crew. Enjoy!

No-Cash-Run Your Pockets:

1. Samurais Of The Sea
2. Life Sucks
3. Wilkes-Booth Style
4. Knowledge Is Power
5. Skate Or Die
6. Piece The Gates
7. Homelife Is A Drag
8. The Lucky Few
9. Pure Evil
10. A Better Tomorrow
11. Gasoline
12. Run Your Pockets


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just Buzzed-Colt 45 (Afroman Cover)

Check this shit out...It's Just Buzzed from the High Desert doing an Afroman song live. These guys fucking kick ass. I have their demo posted here. Download that, or die. Check 'em out:

And couple more from that same show:

New posts eventually...