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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Furious Styles-Menace

Furious Styles are from Seattle, Washington and play hardcore. And they play it pretty well. And they hate cops to...Like really hate cops, and you gotta love that. If you like NYHC and any modern variation, you'll probably like this...Unless you're a cop who likes hardcore. If you were that, you'd be a hypocrite. They also do the best cover of "A.C.A.B." that I've heard yet. I also noticed that I am about 4 posts away from 400. What the fuck have I been doing with my life? Nothing...And Kim Silva is still a bitch. Just thought I'd say that...For the fuck of it, since I bitched about her enough on here. And you can buy this from Eulogy Records for the low price of 9 bucks. Or you could get it here for free. Hahaha, Fuck it...Enjoy!

Furious Styles-Menace:

1. The Beginning Of The End
2. Enemy Of The World
3. Rat Poison
4. It's A Trap
5. Stillbirth
6. Solo Mission
7. Pigs Blood
8. Bastard
9. Another Day In Hell
10. A.C.A.B. (4-Skins)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Guttermouth-Musical Monkey

Here's my first post since December...Almost a full two months! Whoopty fuckin' do! Unlike some of you lazy punkers, I gots me a job. And a good one at that. No more spanging! Hahahahahaha!

But now here's a post, cause I have some time before I masturbate...

It's that one shitty band named Guttermouth that is more juvenile than a mildly retarded preschool kid with ADHD. Once you get past the fact that it sucks and that your asshole smells like shit, this is a pretty good record...Enjoy!

Guttermouth-Musical Monkey:

1. What's The Big Deal?
2. Lucky The Donkey
3. Big Pink Dress
4. Do The Hustle
5. Good Friday
6. Baker's Dozen
7. Abort Mission
8. Corpse Rotting In Hell
9. Lipstick
10. When Hell Freezes Over
11. S.D.F.B
12. What If?
13. Perfect World
14. Gold
15. Musical Monkey