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Include a link to your shit and don't be a fag, you fucking faggot. Eat a dick. Lick on these testicles. I wanna anally inseminate Miles Ellerbeck (this will probably be here a year or two before he sees it...Love you bro). Also open yourself up to constructive criticism. I'll bluntly tell you it sucks and give the world a link to see just how bad it sucks. I am mimicking the stream of conscious asshole blogger speech now. Fuck you and eat several more dicks.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Abigail-Forever Street Metal Bitch

Abigail is a Black Metal (more accurately "Blackened Thrash Metal") band from Japan. They're so ridiculously bad, they make Venom sound like fucking Iron Maiden. Musically, it's not really that bad, but it's lyrically over the top enough to the point where Venom could be considered serious. It's kinda hard to take Abigail serious, but I think that's the point. You also gotta love that the song titles are all in the Asian form of butchered English known as Engrish. The Metal Observer posted a pretty negative review that echoes my sentiments (although I actually like it and have somewhat of an appreciation for shitty music). Their review can be read here. I recommend this for any fan of black metal that doesn't take the genre too seriously. If you like stuff like Venom or Toxic Holocaust, you might find some enjoyment to be had here. I'm gonna now go rape a goat and eat babies. Hail Satan!

Abigail-Forever Street Metal Bitch

1. Violence, Kill And Destruction
2. Hellfire And Damnation
3. Damned In Hell
4. Black Metal Thunder
5. Bitch! We Gonna Kill You
6. We're The Pussy Hunter
7. Shooting Master
8. Hey Slut!
9. Charge!
10. Struggle To Death
11. War 666


Friday, December 25, 2009

Hoods-Ghetto Blaster

It's been a pretty hardcore Christmas...Eggnog, Mudslides and Jagerbombs galore. And on this joyous occasion, I bring to you more angry music. Angry music that inspires faces to be punched in, leaving a skull indentation the size of Reginald Dennys'. This is the Hoods, hailing from Sacramento, California. Their Wikipedia article says they are known for pulling guns on promoters who don't meet their guarantee, beating up hookers and playing guitar for the Backstreet Boys. Yeah, it's obvious vandalism, but it's still pretty bad ass...Enjoy!

Hoods-Ghetto Blaster:

1. Ghetto Blaster
2. I Can't Take This
3. Willie Nelson And A Twelve Pack
4. Serenity
5. Road Warrior
6. Dance With The Devil
7. Beat Cops
8. Don't Fight, Let's Party Tonight
9. Can't Stop The Game
10. Endtro
11. The King Is Dead (Live)
12. Ernie Cortez (Live)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 Ta Life-Best Of Friends/Enemies

25 Ta Life-Best Of Friends/Enemies:

1. Fight Dirty
2. Best of Friends & Enemies
3. So Cold
4. The Players And The Played
5. Haters
6. We Got The Spirit
7. Minor Threat
8. Eliminator


Secret Hate-Vegetables Dancing

What is Long Beach know for? Sublime, Snoop Dogg, and to punk know-it-alls, Secret Hate. "Vegetables Dancing" is their only full length and it pretty much kicks ass. Enjoy!

Secret Hate-Vegetables Dancing:

1. Get On The Bus
2. Theme Song
3. Rixadik
4. The Ballad Of Johnny Butt
5. Midas Touch
6. Edge Marine
7. Latin Chongo
8. Bomb Chic
9. Death In The Desert
10. Frencies Machine Shop
11. No Stance
12. Theme Song
13. Latin Chongo
14. Name Your Poison
15. Charade
16. Sacrifice
17. The Real Peter Wolf
18. ?


Sea Of Deprivation-Catharsis In Disharmony

Does life really hate me? Or so I just hate life? I pose this question to myself in hopes of seeking a cure for my ongoing depression due to the fact that my ex-girlfriend stomped on my soul and shit on my dignity...What a fucking bitch...Life is a bitch. Everyone goes through this bullshit and it can be said that to truly experience life, you have to experience the bad...Whether you'd like to or not. It makes it harder, cause I was with her for two years, we had a kid (who was adopted), and I bought her not one, but two goddamn engagement rings! Plus, it all came out of left field. Everything seemed fine, then I found out she was fucking some other jackass. What really pissed me off, is that she couldn't be honest about it. When she was confronted, she stilled lied about it, even when I read her the Myspace message she wrote to him...

It still haunts me. She fucking inhabits my every fucking other thought and I feel she's just sitting there on her ass, laughing at how much she fucked me up. I don't get women. But on the plus side, I've taken some much needed "me" time. So, I now have lost 30 pounds, gained some muscle and am in the process of becoming a strict vegan (although I still love ripping on animal rights people). And I'm joining the National Guard! Why, cause I can and am not doing anything better with my time...And I really don't value self preservation as much as I used to. So basically: Fuck my life. I also realized that I use commas in such inappropriate, places, that, it would seem, William, Shatner is fucking talking...

What the fuck is the point to this random rant? There is none. Blogs are usually used for:

A.) Bitching about your life
B.) Bitching about politics
C.) Bitching about movies and music
D.) Ripping off the music industry and hard working independent artists that really deserve to have their album bought, but some asshole who really likes the band decides to put it up for free download on his or her blog. An entire universe of music is just a Google search away!

And since this is my blog, I choose to represent A, B, C, and D...

So...There's the point...Because I fucking can! Since you just sat through that completely pointless cluster fuck of thought, here's some music! It's Sea Of Deprivation. Crust. Exactly what a depressed individual such as myself should be listening to...Enjoy!

Sea Of Deprivation-Catharsis In Disharmony:

1. Hell Hath No Fury
2. Eco-Catastrophe
3. The Cold Hand Of Reality
4. You Fucking Jerk
5. Who's the Fucking Criminal
6. Unconditionally
7. So I Abhor...
8. The Cycle of Misery


Note: Missing a couple of tracks, so I suggest a Google search to obtain a complete link.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Warkrime-Give War A Chance EP

Fucking bad fucking ass fast paced hardcore punk with a respect for the classics! These guys hail from San Francisco, California and came to get down. So get out your seat and...Fuck it. I dig it. If fast paced hardcore is your thing, then give war(krime) a chance! Enjoy!

Warkrime-Give War A Chance EP:

1. No More
2. Glass Parking
3. Longhairs
4. Give War A Chance
5. Brat Camp
6. Fuck It
7. Warkrime/Suburban Suicide
8. Speed


Scream-Still Screaming/This Side Up

Scream-Still Screaming/This Side Up:

1. Came Without Warning
2. Bedlam
3. Solidarity
4. Your Wars/Killer
5. Piece Of Her Time
6. Human Behavior
7. Stand
8. Fight/American Justice
9. New Song
10. Laissez-Faire
11. Influenced
12. Hygiene
13. Cry Wolf
14. Total Mash
15. Who Knows-Who Cares?
16. Amerarockers
17. U. Suck A. /We're Fed Up
18. Ultra Violence/Screamin'
19. Violent Youth
20. Bet You Never Thought
21. Things to Do Today
22. This Side Up
23. Gluesniff
24. Still Screaming
25. A No Money Down
26. Show And Tell Me Baby
27. The Zoo Closes At Dark
28. I Look When You Walk
29. Iron Curtain
30. Walking Song Dub


Big B-More To Hate

Big B-More To Hate:

1. More To Hate
2. American Dream
3. White Trash Life
4. Put 'Em Up
5. Counting Pennies
6. Pass The Jager
7. Real As They Come
8. Looky Looky
9. Harley (Skit)
10. On The Road
11. Come Take A Journey
12. How Quick
13. Miss Wonderful
14. This Is Me
15. We Can Smoke
16. Million Miles
17. Living On The Edge
18. It's All Good
19. Staring Out My Window
20. Brand New Day
21. Suk It (Outro)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stormtroopers Of Death-Speak English Or Die

Stormtroopers Of Death-Speak English Or Die:

1. March Of The S.O.D.
2. Sargent D. And The S.O.D.
3. Kill Yourself
4. Milano Mosh
5. Speak English Or Die
6. United Forces
7. Chromatic Death
8. Pi Alpha Nu
9. Anti-Procrastination Song
10. What's That Noise
11. Freddy Krueger
12. Milk
13. Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues
14. Pussy Whipped
15. Fist Banging Mania
16. No Turning Back
17. Fuck The Middle East
18. Douche Crew
19. Hey Gordy!
20. The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix
21. Diamonds And Rust
22. Identity
23. Go
24. Ram It Up


STD-Another Dead Asshole

STD was a band. STD was a band from Knoxville, Tennessee. STD made this one EP and promptly drifted into obscurity, like so many Midwest bands do. For having only one release, this one release owns a lot of the stuff that came from the coasts...I ♥ obscure Midwest bands. Enjoy!

STD-Another Dead Asshole:

1. Another Dead Asshole
2. Businessman's Lunch
3. Surf And Kill
4. Operation
5. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
6. Skateboards Suck


Straight Edge Kegger-Fuck Fresno

Straight Edge Kegger is a pretty badass thrash band from Fresno, California featuring a pretty hot female vocalist...I'm just voicing my opinion. They are really fast and it's really difficult trying to make out what the fuck she's saying, which is typical for pretty much every thrashcore, grind, or powerviolence band...But either way, it still kicks ass. Plus, they have one of the greatest band names I've ever heard. Enjoy!

Straight Edge Kegger-Fuck Fresno:

1. Either Way You're Filthy
2. Thrash Pace
3. Meth America
4. Beast Reality
5. Excited Delirium
6. Bookworm vs. Record Nerd
7. If I'm a Pushover- You Can Go Shove It
8. He's On 33
9. Fuck Fresno
10. Perve Status
11. The Metal Years
12. Double Fisted O'Douls Style
13. You Can't Fix Whats Not Broken
14. Self Esteem Doesn't Equal Self Worth
15. Minor Threat


External Menace-The Process Of Elimination

I've seen this posted elsewhere, but so far haven't run across the re-issue with the bonus tracks yet...So, here it is: The re-issue with the bonus tracks...And it's Christmas in a few days, so I'll be on a posting spree til then. Be sure to check back frequently for some goodies you could easily find on another blog with a simple Google search. Enjoy!

External Menace-The Process Of Elimination:

1. This Country
2. Standin' On The U.K.
3. These Pricks Are Wrong
4. Watch You Down
5. Society
6. Rude Awakening
7. Don't Conform
8. Bullet Of Persuasion
9. The Process Of Elimination
10. In This Time
11. Killin' Me Asylum
12. We Wanna Know
13. Seize The Day
14. Don't Call It Livin'
15. Sort It Out
16. Naked Prey
17. Shocktrooper
18. Seize The Day
19. Rude Awakening
20. No Mean Feat
21. I'd Rather Be Dead
22. Detonate Your Hate


The Exploited-Troops Of Tomorrow

The Exploited-Troops Of Tomorrow:

1. Jimmy Boyle
2. Daily News
3. Disorder
4. Alternative
5. U.S.A.
6. Rapist
7. Troops Of Tomorrow
8. UK82
9. Sid Vicious Was Innocent
10. War
11. They Won't Stop
12. So Tragic
13. Germs
14. Dead Cities
15. Hitler's In The Charts Again
16. Class War
17. Alternative (Single Version)
18. Attack
19. Computers Don't Blunder
20. Addiction


Friday, December 18, 2009

Career Soldiers

Everyone needs a little bit of street punk in their diet. It makes for a good balance and a wholesome breakfast...Kinda like semen...I could go on and on about how much I despise the genre, yet when it comes down to it, I like punk where you don't have to think. It's juvenile, but haven't we all been at that stage? You know, where spiky hair, bondage pants and leather jackets were the "in" thing for our small band of rejects? You could say that street punk never grows up...There are some bands that don't necessarily fit the preformed mold of a belligerent ass. Career Soldiers was one of those bands. They are not a "smart" band by any stretch, but they did put more effort in their lyrics than Jorge and his motley crew of Casual-Tie wearing businessmen. I'm pretty sure they broke up to, which kinda sucks. I miss seeing them at the Showcase in Corona. I also miss the Showcase in Corona. Fuck balls.

Click on the album cover to steal:


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Please include the following:

1. Band name
2. Location
3. Contact Info.
4. Track List
5. Album Art or Band Logo



Thursday, December 17, 2009

B-Real-Smoke 'N' Mirrors

B-Real-Smoke 'N' Mirrors:

1. Smoke 'N' Mirrors
2. Gangsta Music
3. Don't Ya Dare Laugh
4. Everything U Want
5. 6 Minutes
6. Psycho Realm Revolution
7. Fire
8. 10 Steps Behind
9. Get That Dough
10. Dr. Hyphenstein
11. Stackn' Paper
12. 1 Life
13. Dude Vs. Homie
14. When They Hate You
15. When We're Fucking


Crusty Demons Of Dirt 14

I don't know about you all, but I dig freestyle motocross. Maybe it's because I ride myself...Or maybe I feel I must live vicariously through these riders who posses skills that go way beyond anything I can do or even think about doing. Since I value self preservation, I will probably never even attempt any of the stupid shit these guys attempt and succeed at every day. I envy their talent...

The Crusty Demons Of Dirt videos have been around for a long fucking time. For some of us, the earlier videos were our first introduction to all things alternative rock...The key alternative being punk rock...These movies fucking rock. I rock. I drive an IROC. Suck my cock.

This isn't my link. I ripped it off of an entirely unrelated blog called Magrelus. They have plenty of extreme sports (FMX, BMX, Skateboarding, etc.) videos up there for download. I highly recommend visiting them if this kind of thing floats your boat.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NOFX-45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records

I love talking endless shit on this band...This band and Rancid. I love hating them, but I really love them? You tell me...

Disc 1 is your standard NOFX punk rock/pop/ska while Disc 2 is basically "Maximum Rock 'N' Roll" if the songs were worse, but with way higher production values...It's a mixed bag, but so is NOFX...Enjoy!

NOFX-45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records:

Disc 1-Counting Sheep:

1. Pimps And Hookers
2. All Of Me
3. We Threw Gasoline...
4. Drugs Are Good
5. Lower
6. Forming
7. Electricity
8. Lazy
9. The Plan
10. Timmy The Turtle
11. Punk Song
12. See Her Pee
13. Zyklome B Bathhouse
14. Last Caress
15. Bath Of Least Resistance
16. We Ain't Shit
17. San Francisco Fat
18. Vincent
19. Pump Up The Valium
20. Pods And Gods
21. Eat the Meek (Dub Mix)
22. Thalidomide Child


Disc 2-Catching ZZZ's:

1. Fun Things To Fuck
2. Juice Head
3. Three On Speed
4. New Happy Birthday Song?
5. Talking Bout Yo Mama
6. Party Enema
7. Can't Get The Stink Out
8. Go To Work Wasted
9. Fuck The Kids (Revisted)
10. Whoa On The Whoas
11. Puke On Cops
12. I Gotta Pee
13. Totally Fucked
14. Fuck The Kids
15. Fuck The Kids 2
16. I'm Telling Tim
17. Reagan Sucks
18. Posuer
19. My Name's Buds

(Missing Tracks 20-25 for some reason)


Death Before Dishonor-Count Me In

So here's my first post since October...In that time, I have re-discovered what having a life is actually like! Now since I don't have a psychopathic bitch of a girlfriend controlling my every action, I have found that life away from the computer is so much more fulfilling. That being said, I still hate life just as much as I did and hate everything else maybe a little bit more. Now, that's what I call a "positive mental attitude"...Fuck all of it. Fuck this. Fuck that. Fuck you. Now, eat my dick and swallow my children! Cocksucking is abortion! Fuckin' a, randomness is great...

Normal punk and hardcore doesn't quite do it for me anymore, since I am quite a bit angrier than when I last posted...So now I'm turning more to hardcore of the metal variety. Now I know why fat kids like Metallica so much! With that being said, prepare to rip someone's eyeball's out and shit down their sockets! Death Before Dishonor is Boston Hardcore to the core and it gives me an orgasmic release almost to the point when I blew a load balls deep in my ex's ass! Hahahahaha. And also, not to be racist or anything...FUCK PERUVIAN DRUG DEALERS NAMED RANDY...Seriously, fuck that guy...

And now that I am done venting my frustrations, I can talk a little bit about the band. Or not. Just let it speak for itself. And you can all go fuck yourselves! Testicles!

Death Before Dishonor-Count Me In:

1. Intro
2. Count Me In
3. Nowhere To Turn
4. Break Through It All
5. Curl Up And Die
6. Behind Your Eyes
7. Fuck It All
8. See It Through
9. Nothing But Agony
10. Infected
11. Take Me Away
12. Still Standing
13. Boston Belongs To Me