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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clit 45-Tales From The Clit

Clit 45-Tales From The Clit:

1. Urban Disgrace
2. No More Propaganda!
3. Broken Unity
4. Breaking Out
5. Right In Line
6. Bullshit Fucking Waste Of Time
7. Fight Back
8. The Streets
9. It Ain't Over
10. Who Commits The Crime?
11. Use To Have A Life


Channel 3-After The Lights Go Out

Channel 3-After The Lights Go Out:

1. What About Me
2. Stupid Girl
3. Separate Peace
4. No Love
5. After The Lights Go Out
6. Truth And Trust
7. I'll Take My Chances
8. Ally My Dreams
9. Can't Afford It
10. I Didn't Know


Sublime-Robbin' The Hood

Note that the tracks are out of order here as this was downloaded off Soulseek a long while ago. Even I didn't buy this piece of shit. This is a test for a Sublime fan. You either like this album, or you don't. I think it has some merit, so I post. Fuck it.

Sublime-Robbin' The Hood:

1. Free Loop Dub
2. Greatest-hits
3. Lincoln Highway Dub
4. Pool Shark (acoustic)
5. Pool Shark (orig.)
6. Q-Ball
7. Saw Red
8. Steady B Loop Dub
9. Steppin' Razor
10. Waiting For Bud
11. Work That We Do
12. All You Need
13. Boss DJ
14. Cisco Kid
15. Falling Idols
16. Freeway Time In LA County
17. I Dont Care Too Much For Reggae Dub
18. Mary
19. Raleigh Solliloquy Pt. 1
20. Raleigh Solliloquy Pt. 2
21. Raleigh Solliquoy Pt. III
22. STP


Stupids-Peruvian Vacation

The Stupids are not what you'd expect from English Hardcore Punk. This is more in line with American Hardcore and Skate Punk type shit with some fucked up diversions of style thrown in for good measure. It's fucking awesome. Check it out. Enjoy!

Stupids-Peruvian Vacation:

1. It's Fun To You
2. Wipe Out
3. You Shoulda Listened
4. Always Never Fun
5. I Scream Inside
6. You Die
7. Peruvian Vacation
8. This Is The Norm?
9. So Much Fun
10. Born To Build To Grind
11. In Bed At Night
12. I Don't Wanna Get Involved With You
13. The Pit
14. Life's A Drag


Friday, August 20, 2010

I Dare Ya...

Come on...You know you want it...

Vibrators-Pure Mania

I tend to avoid all things 77 since I got out my "Sex Pistols, The Clash" faze way back before the time of the dinosaurs...And yes I do mean Playstation 2 and the O.G. Xbox. Back when Fraiser was still on and way beyond my level of thinking. Back when Bush #2 was fucking things up (not too say he did any better of a job than this new guy) and Reagan couldn't remember if he was coming or going (if he ever did). Back when Crash Bandicoot games really started to suck and VHI constantly ran series' of shows reflecting on past decades with C-listers commenting on everything, especially themselves, further proving that everyone in Hollywood is a vane, vacuous asshole with an opinion (even if they know nothing of which they are commenting)...

77 punk was to be avoided at all costs, cause it lacks a certain hardness and edge to it (even if it was "edgy" and "hard" at the time it was conceived, but then again, so was Elvis). Hardcore was where it was at and I turned my back to anything from the first wave of punk rock, which actually is accurately called "punk rock" for history Nazis. Now, since I've thouroughly raped hardcore for what it's worth, I decided to explore 77 once more...

And now that I have, I fucking still fucking hate it. For all you 77 pussies, here's the Vibrators, which I actually kinda like for some inexplicable reason. Fuck. Enjoy.

Vibrators-Pure Mania:

1. Into The Future...
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. Sweet Sweet Heart
4. Petrol
5. Baby Baby
6. Bad Time
7. I Need A Slave
8. Keep It Clean
9. London Girls
10. No Heart
11. She's Bringing You Down
12. Stiff Little Fingers
13. Whips & Furs
14. Wrecked On You
15. You Broke My Heart


Testament-The Legacy

Testament-The Legacy:

1. Over The Wall
2. The Haunting
3. Burnt Offerings
4. Raging Waters
5. C.O.T.L.O.D.
6. First Strike Is Deadly
7. Do Or Die
8. Alone In The Dark
9. Apocalyptic City


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prong-Primitive Origins

Prong-Primitive Origins:

1. Disbelief
2. Watching
3. Cling To Life
4. Denial
5. Dreams Like That
6. In My Veins
7. Climate Control
8. Persecution