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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Queers-Love Songs For The Retarded

What can really be said for queers? They're gay and like things in their butt. I get it. Something about "prostate stimulation"...Something that can cause orgasm. A spasm of cum. That's gay. Not that I have a philosophical objection or anything, but anything in my butt is no bueno. But Fuck it. Pun not intended...Shit, the random thoughts keep rolling from my brain. I can't think of a single way to compose an actual sentence (subject and predicate) that makes sense? Or can I??? Grammatical errors aside, this is an album by the band called "The Queers". It's not like rare or anything...Just good pop punk rock in a Ramones vein. And while I don't really like the fucking Ramones (shoot me), they did kinda help start this thing called "punk". So respect? Naw, just a wee bit of recognition. I still don't like it. Sweaty testicles on ice. Tartar sauce. Nazi Jews in viking helmets. Dead Mexicans. Poop. Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth bathing in maple syrup. ANAL FUCKING SEX. Crass sucks...Kinda. Cress is way better. I like Chinese food. And beer.

The Queers-Love Songs For The Retarded:

1. You're Tripping
2. Ursula Finally Has Tits
3. I Hate Everything
4. Teenage Bonehead
5. Fuck The World
6. I Can't Stop Farting
7. Feeling Groovy
8. Debra Jean
9. Hi Mom, It's Me !
10. Noodlebrain
11. I Can't Stand You
12. Night Of The Livid Queers
13. Granola-Head
14. I Won't Be
15. Monster Zero
16. Daydreaming


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Star Fucking Hipsters-From The Dumpster To The Grave

Click on the album art to download. Enjoy!

Municipal Waste-The Fatal Feast

Click on the album art to download. Enjoy!

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa-Mac & Devin Go To High School

Click on the album art to download. Enjoy!

Tim Raldo & The Filthy Fuks

So according to Tim Raldo himself, my new punk rock nickname is "Sweet Tits"...That's about it. At least I got into the show for free. My vagina stinks of ass. So me being technically a dude, my ass stinks. I consider it a vagina because sometimes I put stuff there. So here's some Tim Raldo, which I'm sure you can put in your ass. Enjoy!

Click on the album art for the Mediafire link.