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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scott Baio Army-1999-2004

It's fair to call this thrashcore/powerviolence or whatever. This is some fast hardcore punk that probably left some gnarly holes in the esophagus of the lead vocalist with his heart racing like a rabbit on the crackpipe. I dig the shit out of fast music like this. Click the pic to download. I'd do a tracklist if there weren't 44 tracks with designations such as split 10", 7", or live KZSU. It'll take too fucking long and I lack the patience for typing the same song title over and over again. Download this though, it's fucking good and the tracks are properly labeled, thus negating a need for a typed tracklist. I'm just a lazy fuck. Check this out. Enjoy!

NOFX-The Longest EP

NOFX-The Longest EP:

1. The Death Of John Smith
2. The Longest Line
3. Stranded
4. Remnants
5. Kill All The White Man
6. I Wanna Be An Alcoholic
7. Perverted
8. My Name is Bud
9. Hardcore 84
10. War on Errorism Commercial
11. 13 Stitches (Acoustic)
12. Glass War
13. Jaw Knee Music
14. Concerns of a GOP Neo-phyte
15. Golden Boys
16. You're Wrong
17. Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)
18. I'm Going to Hell For This
19. I've Become a Cliché
20. Cokie The Clown
21. Straight Outta Massachusetts
22. Fermented and Flailing
23. Codependence Day
24. My Orphan Year (Acoustic)
25. S/M Airlines (7" Version)
26. Deuling Retards
27. On The Rag
28. A200 Club
29. Shut Up Already
30. The Punk Song

999-The Punk Singles 1977-1980

999-The Punk Singles 1977-1980:

1. I'm Alive
2. Quite Disappointing
3. Nasty Nasty
4. No Pity
5. Emergency
6. My Street Stinks
7. Me And My Desire
8. Crazy
9. Feelin' Alright With The Crew
10. Titanic (My Over) Reaction
11. You Can't Buy Me
12. Waiting
13. Action
14. Homicide
15. Soldier
16. Found Out Too Late
17. Lie Lie Lie
18. Trouble
19. Made A Fool Of You
20. Boys In The Gang
21. Brent Cross

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Malignant Tumour-In Full Swing

Malignant Tumour-In Full Swing:

1. We Paint The Town Red
2. We Are The Metal
3. Bristroll
4. Smack The Fools
5. Renault Star
6. High Time To An End
7. In Full Swing
8. Electric Church
9. In Bottle, There's No Law
10. Dressed To Kill
11. Hellbooze Armageddon