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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Erased-Atop The Mountain Of Your Dead Selves

Excellent D-beat/Crust from Dallas, Texas. Check it out. Enjoy!

Life Erased-Atop The Mountain Of Your Dead Selves:

1. Chaos In It's Wake
2. Hallowed Retribution
3. Apathetic Ways
4. Sentenced To Life
5. Usurpers
6. Stench Of Rotting Minds


Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Rezinators are an underground hip-hop/comedy group from Apple Valley. This is a 100% DIY recorded in a shed on a 10 year old computer with a "Mic In A Box". The beats are made with Fruity Loops and various other shit you can download off of Limewire and use a Keygen to crack. It's fucking great quality considering the complete lack of funds. Style wise, the songs jump around, but it shows a certain versatility that most lack. The lyrics are punch-line heavy and are filled with weed, dick, pussy and fart jokes. Some may call it juvenile, but I call it fucking awesome...The lyrics are not bad at all, despite their content. I'd go as far as to say they're well written, even if written for the pre-pubescent boy in all of us. This is for stoners, by stoners. Weed is suggested, but ingestion is not a requirement. I highly recommend a download for anyone who appreciates and supports the hip-hop underground. "Hoetry 101" and "Time Machine" are the standouts. Enjoy!


1. Intro
2. Hoetry 101
3. Save The Day
4. Time Machine
5. Track Shack
6. Gangsta Stash
7. Shake That Booty
8. Old School New Twist
9. E.L.D.
10. Sex And Camels



Monday, September 6, 2010

Spitting On Cops-New Album Sampler

I've wanted to share this since it got recorded, but haven't because of my investment in it, as well as not wanting Clumzy and the boys to beat me into oblivion...But the urge has gotten to me (sorry guys!). Here's a sampler I made to share here, as well as to be placed on the free shelves at Dr. Strange records. This sampler includes all the tracks that are on their Myspace, as well as 4 others I picked out. These are the original versions. These lack the samples before and after some of the songs that will go on the final release. This is some fucking awesome shit. Enjoy!

Spitting On Cops-New Album Sampler:

1. Demons
2. Fuck (My Favorite Word)
3. Keep On Truckin'
4. Payback's A Bitch II
5. Skating Drunk As Fuck
6. Who Spilled My Beer?
7. I'm Not Straight Edge


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look Back And Laugh-By The Pound

Look Back And Laugh-By The Pound:

1. By The Pound
2. Crusade
3. Power Corrosion
4. Throne Of Blood
5. Heathen
6. Violent Coercion
7. Empty Hand
8. Division
9. Masters
10. Rocket
11. Christened
12. Sinking Ship


Lucky Devils-Time Passes By...

I have never really liked rockabilly revival, or psychobilly (which I always equated to The Misfits with a stand up bass). There are a few bands I've listened to and liked, The Lucky Devils being one of them. I've always thought of this "retro" style of music and dress as a scourge that needs to be eradicated...And then I take a look at myself, in my studded leather and Doc Martens. Fuck it. Enjoy!

Lucky Devils-Time Passes By...:

1. Look My Way
2. Bye Pretty Baby
3. Honky Tonk Rock
4. Paint It Black
5. Got To Leave You
6. Strange Kind Of Woman
7. Don't Shop Around
8. Smell Like Teen Spirit
9. Time Passes By
10. Highway Chile
11. Bella Mia
12. I'll Keep On Rockin' When I'm Dead
13. Surfin' Buffy (Bonus Track)


Humble Gods-Born Free

The Humble Gods is a punk rock side project of Daddy X from the Kottonmouth Kings. People who know their history would know that the Humble Gods came first and even prior to them, Daddy X fronted the OC hardcore band, Doggy Style (along with Lou Dog on drums). The Humble Gods pretty much sound like the Kottonmouth Kings, but without the hip-hop. I like it, but I've always had a soft spot for Suburban Noize artists. Enjoy!

Humble Gods-Born Free:

1. Destroy
2. Another Day
3. Who's The Criminal
4. Sickworld
5. Chrinstraps
6. Born Free
7. Fools Paradise
8. Alive & Rippin'
9. Now
10. Quiet As A Mouse
11. Don't Label Me
12. Media Manipulation
13. Rescue Me
14. Long Way
15. Subnoize Radio
16. Irie Feelin' (Daddy X Solo)


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lower Class Brats-Real Punk Is An Endangered Species (The Clockwork Singles Collection)

Lower Class Brats-Real Punk Is An Endangered Species (The Clockwork Singles Collection):

1. Who Writes The Rules
2. Safety Pinned And Sick
3. Riot In Hyde Park
4. Do It Again
5. Ultra Violence
6. Start The Night
7. Background Music
8. Who Controls The Media?
9. Addicted To Oi!
10. Who Do They Save?
11. Bite The Bullet
12. Process Of Weeding Out
13. Working Class Protest
14. Orphans Don't Run
15. Russian Roulette
16. We Can't Be Beaten
17. Psycho
18. Situations
19. Rather Be Hated
20. Glam Bastard
21. Live for Today
22. Just Like Clockwork
23. Rabid Dog
24. Breakaway


Ludichrist-Immaculate Deception

Ludichrist-Immaculate Deception:

1. Fire At The Firehouse
2. Most People Are Dicks
3. Murder Bloody Murder
4. Blown Into The Arms Of Christ
5. Big Business
6. Only As Directed
7. Games Once Played
8. Green Eggs And Ham
9. Immaculate Deception
10. You Can't Have Fun
11. Government Kids
12. Legal Murder
13. Down With The Ship
14. Thinking Of You
15. Tylenol
16. Mengele
17. Young White And Well Behaved
18. Last Train To Clarksville
19. God Is Everywhere