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Sunday, November 23, 2008

We're Single-Demo

We're Single was formed in 2005 and pretty much was the entire punk scene for Phelan before TSA, Nuclear Waste, A.i.D.S. and a couple others. The only real issues I have with the band is their singer sucked and they had possibly the worst fucking band name ever thought up. Instrumentation was always tight, a bit technical when it called for it, they played pretty fucking well together. These guys played a show at the Peking Gourmet in Victorville with a grip of "emo" bands on the bill and basically fucked a few kids up and destroyed some shit while they were at it. Well, enjoy!

1. Mosh
2. Damn Immigrants
3. Tribute
4. Unknown


Friday, November 21, 2008

Antioxys-Old Demos

These demos aren't old really. They were all recorded this year, but while I was still in the band. I'm not playing bass in every track either, but I was in the band at the time of the recordings. Like I've said before, the Antioxys play what can be best described as "generic street punk". It's just fun music with song topics typical of "generic street punk", but the musicianship does exude some level of talent...I'm not just saying that because I was in the band. Format does vary between MP3 and WMA and these were all recorded on a Video Camera in Taylor's garage. Quality is not the best, by any stretch of the term, but it sounds really fucking good for what it is. I hope you enjoy!

Antioxys-Old Demos:

1. A.N.A.R.C.H.Y. (Original)
2. A.N.A.R.C.H.Y.
3. Crazy (Original)
4. Crazy
5. Jingle My Cock + Jazz Jam
6. Johnny Rude Boy
7. Mr. Politician
8. Munchies For Freedom (Original)
9. Munchies For Freedom
10. Rock N Roll Rebels
11. RWS
12. War On The Capital Building
13. Withdrawals



I kinda have a thing for Canadian Hardcore bands. D.O.A. is without a doubt the most well know of Canadian punk bands, so here's a couple EPs. I remember when they played the Trilogy in Victorville on a weeknight. Barely anyone showed, except for the other bands playing and a few others. Fucking dumbasses missed out on a great show by a great fucking band. I was there. It was great and I can say I saw them. Enjoy!

D.O.A.-War On 45:

1. Liar For Hire
2. I'm Right, Your Wrong
3. America The Beautiful
4. Let's Fuck
5. War (Edwin Starr)
6. I Hate You
7. War In The East
8. Class War (The Dils)


D.O.A.-It's Not Unusual:

1. It's Not Unusual
2. Dead Men Tell No Tales
3. Blue To Brown
4. Help Me Get Out Of Here
5. Runaway World


Chaos Drunk Punx-It's A Fuckin' Way Of Life

This is a good ass punk rock band that I discovered randomly late last night while stealing people's files on Soulseek. The Chaos Drunk Punks are from Montreal, Canada and play loud, obnoxious punk that isn't musically or lyrically groundbreaking in any context. It's just fucking good tunes to blast when drinking with your buddies. The tracks appear exactly as the MP3 files state and I am too lazy to double check what the names for tracks 6 and 11 are. You can do that yourself. Also, I think the artwork for this is pretty fucking cool.

Chaos Drunk Punx-It's A Fuckin' Way Of Life:

1. Work Suck
2. Benefit For Beer
3. S-cool Down
4. Fuck You James
5. Arrestation
6. Track 6
7. We
8. Our Mentality
9. PCP
10. Violence In Our Minds
11. Track 11


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tipper's Gore

Fucking kick ass shit that will fuck you up just by listening to it. This is fast hardcore from Orange County and I highly recommend them. They will make you cream your pants and shit yourself at the same time. FUCKING BUY THEIR SHIT TO!!!

Tipper's Gore-First Four Months:

1. Take Control
2. Artificial Person
3. Don't Sell Me God
4. Focus
5. Internal Battle
6. Normal By Now
7. Past Remains
8. American Dream
9. Want All The Answers


Tipper's Gore-Musical Holocaust:

1. Musical Holocaust
2. No Respect
3. What You Can't Hear
4. 30 Seconds Song
5. Enough Is Enough
6. I Can't Help


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drunk Injuns-Frontside Grind

Skate rock band formed in 1983 in San Jose. Aside from the ridiculous Indian masks they wear, they are pretty much just the band, Los Olvidados playing different music. Enjoy!

Drunk Injuns-Frontside Grind:

1. Not Forever Yours
2. She Gots A Gun
3. ...And Then You Die
4. They Walked In Line
5. Moments Of Clouds And Rain
6. Metal Serenade
7. Lotta Kill
8. Blood Drips Like Passing Thoughts
9. Mental Holocaust
10. Airam
11. For Real


Nuclear Waste-Shitty Demo

Nuclear Waste a band from my high school that formed in 2005 and was over by 2006. The lineup consisted of Katie on vocals, Devin on guitar, Jen on bass, and Rob on drums. They were a good band, a little generic, but good nonetheless. They probably fit in best as a street punk band, but the lyrics are influenced more by anarcho themes than that of typical street punk (as in: oi oi up the punx oi)...Their first show was at the Reflections in Victorville with Cheap Sex, Media Blitz, and Fight Back. They played a few more here and there, replaced Devin with Keegan and played a couple more after that before they quit. I know they played a show with D.I. and that might of been their last show (?). There was talk about reforming the band a while back, but they are all pretty much off doing their own thing. I know Devin and Rob played in a crust band called M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) for a while, but I'm not sure if they're even still playing together. This was their demo, approprietly titled "Shitty Demo". The songs are good, and you can hear poterntial, but the recording sucks ass. There is an unreleased Demo/EP that I have a CD-R copy of somewhere that is essentially an actual studio re-recording of this. I'll post that when I find it. Enjoy!

Nuclear Waste-Shitty Demo:

1. The First Casualty
2. Take Action
3. What Will You Do?
4. Only The Dead Know The End
5. Stop The Slaughter


Excel-Split Image

Excel-Split Image

1. Your Life, My Life
2. Insecurity
3. Split Image
4. Never Look Away
5. Wreck Your World
6. Social Security
7. Set Yourself Apart
8. The Joke's On You
9. Looking For You
10. Spare The Pain


Dayglo Abortions-Little Man In The Canoe

Dayglo Abortions-Little Man In The Canoe

1. Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads
2. Casting Couch
3. Big Michel
4. Man Bites Dog
5. Little Man in the Canoe
6. You Are So Boring
7. Cash Bash
8. Skatan's Kids
9. Nikki Dial
10. Open Sore
11. Brick Shithouse Bouncers
12. Feeder Brigade
13. Spuds Visitation
14. Nuclear Supremacy


Monday, November 17, 2008

Eazy-E-It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa

This is Eazy-E's infamous response to Dr. Dre's "The Chronic", which devoted much of itself to dissing Eazy and Ruthless Records. Regardless of how you may feel about that bullshit, this album should hold legendary status for fans of the Compton G-Funk sound. I admit that Eazy was the weakest rapper (Dre being second) to come from NWA, but his delivery was great as are his solo albums (which were often ghostwritten. Dr. Dre's were to). Enjoy!

Eazy-E-It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa:

1. Exxtra Special Thankz
2. Real Muthphukkin G's
3. Any Last Werdz
4. Still A Nigga
5. Gimme That Nutt
6. It's On
7. Boyz-N-The-Hood (G-Mix)
8. Down To Tha Last Roach


Anthrax-Inside Out EP

One of my favorite thrash metal bands of all time, but leaves me wondering..."Why the fuck did they cover Radiohead?"...The cover's not that bad though. I hate the two D.R.I. covers. John Bush does not have the voice for it. The Metallica cover kicks ass though and I like the song "Inside Out", although it doesn't feel like the Anthrax I know and love. Dimebag Darrell does lead guitar on "Inside Out" though and that's a nice bonus. Enjoy!

Anthrax-Inside Out EP:

1. Inside Out
2. Snap/I'd Rather Be Sleeping (D.R.I.)
3. Phantom Lord (Metallica)
4. The Bends (Radiohead)


Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden

Here's some old school NWOBHM for everyone. This is Iron Maiden's first album with their first vocalist (and best, in my opinion), Paul Di'Anno. His vocal stylings are "punk as fuck". This album is fucking nuts. Enjoy this fine piece of metal history.

Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden:

1. Prowler
2. Remember Tommorrow
3. Running Free
4. Phantom Of The Opera
5. Transylvania
6. Strange World
7. Charlotte The Harlot
8. Iron Maiden


Narcoleptic Youth-Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

Narcoleptic Youth-Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed:

1. Dear John (Don't Drink The Punch)
2. Black 11
3. One More Saki
4. Feel The Sickness
5. Bullet (Misfits)
6. Ignite
7. LA Riots (Live)
8. Barbi In Bondage (Live)
9. Busted Condom (Live)
10. Felon (Live)
11. Double Jointed Circus Monkey (Live)


Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain

The best album in Agnostic Front's discography. Enjoy!

Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain:

1. Victim In Pain
2. Remind Them
3. Blind Justice
4. Last Warning
5. United and Strong
6. Power
7. Hiding Inside
8. Fascist Attitudes
9. Society Sucker
10. Your Mistake


Nuclear Death-Vultures Feeding (Demo)

Fucking great female fronted death metal/thrash metal/grindcore. Enjoy!

Nuclear Death-Vultures Feeding (Demo):

1. Corpse Of Allegiance
2. Prolong The Agony
3. The Colour Of Blood
*Missing Track 4 (Vultures Feeding)


Mobile Terror Unit-MxTxU EP

Really fast grindcore/thrash.

Mobile Terror Unit-MxTxU EP:

1. Holding It Down For Myspace
2. Demonxchuff Youth Attack
3. 13 Hours In Timeland
4. Pop-U-Sas
5. Mindless (Infest)
6. Popeye


The Misfits-Earth AD

The only fucking Misfits' album I still like. Fast, incoherent at times and fun to pit to around an open fire while drinking goat's blood and worshiping Satan. Filled with demented lyrics that inspired so many horror punk, thrash metal and death metal bands alike. Enjoy!

The Misfits-Earth AD:

1. Earth AD
2. Queen Wasp
3. Devilock
4. Death Comes Ripping
5. Green Hell
6. Wolf's Blood
7. Demonomania
8. Bloodfest
9. Hellhound


F-Minus-Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society

Fast dual male/female vocalist hardcore. This is a combination of two EPs released and this was on Alternative Tentacles back in 2005. Enjoy!

F-Minus-Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society

1. Who Pays, Who Profits?
2. No Chance for Change
3. Set Up to Fall
4. Uniform
5. Gun to My Head
6. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)
7. Christianity
8. Ruined
9. World Still Turns
10. Trouble at the Cup (Black Randy)
11. Living Hell
12. In Sight
13. Victim in Pain (Agnostic Front)
14. Negative Approach (Negative Approach)


Assrash-Up The Punx

Assrash-Up The Punx:

1. Another Night Worth Forgetting
2. Helicopter Skyline
3. Kings Of No Future
4. Alcohol And Pain
5. Blow Up The Embassy
6. Bathroom Bonk
7. Shit And Urine
8. Fuckin' Same
9. Sonofabitchmotherfucker
10. What Is It
11. Live Fast, Die Young
12. Where Are Your Angels Now
13. Fuck You I'm Fiestaed


Lab Rats-These Decapitated Visions

Lab Rats-These Decapitated Visions:

1. That's Not Real Musik
2. Suicide Pact
3. Bombs Away
4. Missle Dream
5. F.O.A.D.
6. Religious Slavery
7. Kamikaze
8. Point Blank
9. Death Squad
10. No Change
11. Final Bomb Blast, The
12. These Decapitated Visions


Kottonmouth Kings-Rollin' Stoned

Kottonmouth Kings-Rollin' Stoned:

1. Magic Bus
2. Sleepers
3. Full Throttle
4. 4-2-0
5. Big Bank
6. Enjoy
7. Positive Vibes
8. Zero Tolerance
9. Float Away
10. Pothead
11. Pushin' Limits
12. Pull, Pull
13. Rest Of My Life
14. Living In Fear
15. Sub-Noize Rats
16. Strange Daze
17. Tangerine Sky
18. Built To Last
19. Waking Dream
20. Soul Surfin'
21. Endless Highway
22. Light It Up


Pakelika for President! Until weed is legal!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three Dog Night-Naturally

Now it's time for something entirely different. Three Dog Night is one of those bands my dad turned me onto years ago. My dad has a knack for getting me into different music. When I was younger, he turned me onto Bob Marley, The Clash, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, David Peel, The Beatles, Sublime and whole bunch of other shit (countless classic rock, new wave, Motown, Memphis soul, some blues). He gave me this CD and I listened to it. I was blown away. I don't expect anyone here to have the same reaction to it that I did, I merely hope that you get something out of it. Enjoy!

Three Dog Night-Naturally:

1. I Can Hear You Calling
2. One Man Band
3. I'll Be Creeping
4. Fire Eater
5. Can't Get Enough Of It
6. Sunlight
7. Heavy Church
8. Liar
9. I've Got Enough Heartache
10. Joy To The World


Total Abuse-Demo

This is Total Abuse from Austin, Texas. This is really good, fast as fuck shit. If you like fast hardcore, here's your ticket. Enjoy!

Total Abuse-Demo:




For fans of: Minor Threat, Fugazi, and Rites Of Spring.

  1. "Give Me Back" – 2:32
  2. "Dance of Days" – 2:16
  3. "Building" – 1:58
  4. "Past" – 1:53
  5. "Spoke'" – 2:00
  6. "Do Not Consider Yourself Free" – 2:23
  7. "No More Pain" – 3:11
  8. "I Wish I" – 2:11
  9. "Said Gun" – 2:11
  10. "Can't Forgive" – 2:31
  11. "Money" – 2:37
  12. "If I Never Thought About It" – 2:32
  13. "End of a Year" – 2:36
  14. "Last Song" – 2:27

Rites Of Spring-End On End

Rites Of Spring-End On End:

1. Spring
2. Deeper Than Inside
3. For Want Of
4. Hain's Point
5. All There Is
6. Drink Deep
7. Other Way Around
8. Theme (If I Started Crying)
9. By Design
10. Remainder
11. Persistent Vision
12. Nudes
13. End on End
14. All Through A Life
15. Hidden Wheel
16. In Silence/Words Away
17. Patience


Peter And The Test Tube Babies-Best Of

Peter And The Test Tube Babies-Best Of:

1.Banned From the Pubs
2.Intensive Care
3.U Bore Me
5.Blown Out Again
7.Pissed Punks (Go For It)
8.Zombie Creeping Flesh
9.All About Love
11.I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas Feat G.B.H.
12.Sour Grapes
13.Alien Pubduction
14.Moped Lads
15.Peacehaven Wild Kids
16.Run Like Hell
17.Up Yer Bum
18.Trapper Ain't Got a Bird
20.Key to the City
22.September Part 2
23.Moped Lads (Live at the Fridge)


Totalitär-Ni Måste Bort!

Totalitär-Ni Maste Bort!:

1. Leva på knä
2. Avslagen, Makten till ytan
3. Beslöjande män
4. Kvinna i församlingen
5. Ni måste bort
6. Bär ditt kors
7. Att döda sig själv
8. Härskare i världen
9. Flytande värderingar
10. En inre storm
11. Instiftad orättvisa
12. Likriktad olycka
13. Mediet som vapen
14. Full flagg
15. Äckliets bastiljon
16. Trygghet för de rika
17. Frihet att välja
18. Massans makt


Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mentors-Up The Dose

Whatever your take is on the Mentors, they still happened. Of the notable shock rock musicians to frequent the talk show circuit in the 90s (El Duce, GG Allin, Gwar), El Duce was the funniest...Probably because he's just fucking funny to look at in the first place. Their brand of music was misogynistic, sexist and almost utterly pointless. It earned the mantle of "Rape Rock". Too bad El Duce got hit by a train...Maybe that was a good thing actually. Fuck it. Long live rape rock! R.I.P. El Duce.

The Mentors-Up The Dose

1. Hetrosexuals Have the Right to Rock
2. Rock'em Sock'em
3. White Trash Woman
4. Adultery
5. On the Rag
6. Kick It on Down
7. Secretary Hump
8. Couch Test Casting
9. S.F.C.C
10. Up the Dose

Click on El Duce to Download

The Press-The Complete Press 1984-1994

Pretty good oi! band from New York. Their vocalist, André Schlesinger plays in Maninblack nowadays. The Press were a damn good band and a great addition to anyone's oi! collection. Enjoy!

The Press-The Complete Press 1984-1994:

4. TRY


Blood For Blood-Outlaw Anthems

Pissed off "tough-guy" hardcore from Massachusetts. Filled with hard hitting anthems that could easily rub some people the wrong way. Enjoy!

Blood For Blood-Outlaw Anthems

1. Postcard From The Edge
2. Mother Dear
3. Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II)
4. Dead End Street
5. White Trash Anthem
6. So Common, So Cheap
7. Tear Out My Eyes
8. Some Kind Of Hate
9. Love Song
10. Bloodshed
11. Still A Bitch (Called Hope)


Peter Tosh-Wanted Dread And Alive

Here's the 2002 reissue of Peter Tosh's "Wanted Dread And Alive". Enjoy!

Peter Tosh-Wanted Dread And Alive:
  1. "Coming in Hot"
  2. "Nothing But Love"
  3. "Reggaemylitis"
  4. "Rok With Me"
  5. "Oh Bumbo Klaat"
  6. "Wanted Dread and Alive"
  7. "Rastafari Is"
  8. "Guide Me from My Friends"
  9. "Fools Die (For Want of Wisdom)"
  10. "The Poor Man Feel It"
  11. "Cold Blood"
  12. "That's What They Will Do"
  13. "Rok With Me (Alternative Long Mix)"
  14. "Nothing But Love (Long Version)"

Resistant Culture-Ancient Future

Here's some gut wrenching crust with a Native American twist. Check it out, it has a tribal element to it and it fucking owns...Enjoy!

Resistant Culture-Ancient Future:

1. Strike
2. Refuse / Resist
3. They Want to Keep You Out
4. Ball and Chain
5. Four Wheel Drive
6. Boss
7. Man Against the Machine
8. Feathered Serpeant
9. Knowledge Is the Key
10. Ancient Future
11. Mutated Future
12. Medicine


Fuck Ups-FU82

This EP is pretty widely available on other blogs, but here it is again. I got this on the 7" Punk site a long ass time ago. As to the history of the band, pretty much any info is scarce. What I do know is that they were from San Francisco and everyone there hated them because they were assholes and their lyrics can be considered borderline "racist"...Not really. Just one song, "White Boy". I interpret it more as just trying to piss everyone off rather than a racist song, or maybe in the same vein as "Guilty of Being White" or "White Minority" were. Either way, this is snotty, loud, totally obnoxious shit that makes anal sex with Mandingo to a white girl who just moved to LA from bumfuck egypt to become an actress sound pleasant and enjoyable!

Fuck Ups-FU82:

1. White Boy
2. Once I Had A Brother
3. Get Out
4. I Think Your Shit
5. Negative Reaction
6. I Hate You
7. Bonus-Bacon And Eggs


Thanks to Good Bad Music for Bad, Bad Times for the cover scan. I couldn't find it anywhere else. Thanks.

Dayglo Abortions-Feed Us A Fetus

Politically incorrect hardcore from Canada. Enjoy!

Dayglo Abortions-Feed Us A Fetus:
  1. Stupid Songs
  2. Argh Fuck Kill - Die Sinner Die
  3. Bedtime Story
  4. My Girl
  5. Dogfarts
  6. Inside My Head
  7. Wake Up America
  8. Proud to Be a Canadian
  9. Stupid World
  10. Ronald McRaygun
  11. Kill The Hosers
  12. Religious Bumfucks
  13. 1967
  14. I Killed Mommy
  15. I'm My Own God
  16. Used to Be in Love
  17. Suicide
  18. The Idiot
  19. Germ Attack
  20. Scared of People - Black Sabbath

Jim Carrol Band-Catholic Boy

Jim Carroll Band-Catholic Boy:

1. Wicked Gravity
2. Three Sisters
3. Day And Night
4. Nothing Is True
5. People Who Died
6. City Drops Into The Night
7. Crow
8. It's Too Late
9. I Want The Angel
10. Catholic Boy


Coolio-Gangsta's Paradise

Here is some classic gangsta rap from the West Coast from that mothefucker with the spider living on his head, Coolio. I read he's going bald now. Enjoy!

Coolio-Gangsta's Paradise:

1. That's How It Is
2. Geto Highlites
3. Gangsta's Paradise
4. Too Hot
5. Crusin'
6. Exercise Yo Game
7. Sumpin' New
8. Smilin'
9. Fucc Coolio
10. Kinda High Kinda Drunk
11. For My Sistas
12. Is This Me?
13. A Thing Goin' on
14. Bright as the Sun
15. Recoup This
16. The Revolution
17. Get Up, Get Down


Limp Wrist-Complete Discography

Here's some queercore for ya. Insane, fast, and so gay. Enjoy!

Limp Wrist-Complete Discography:

1. I Love Hardcore Boys/ I Love Boys Hardcore
2. Secrets
3. Cruisin' At The Show
4. Smear The Fear
5. You Ain't That Fierce
6. Back In The Days
7. Relatives Got Nerve
8. Cheap Art
9. Limp Wrist
10. Limp Wrist v. Dr. Laura
11. This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
12. Brotherhood
13. Thanks
14. We Started This Band To Get Dates
15. OD'd On Pop
16. Give Me A Fuckin' Break
17. Man To Man
18. No Choice
19. What's Up With The Kids
20. Stabbed In The Back
21. Punk Ass Queers
22. Rainbows
23. Recruiting Time
24. Define
25. 12 Years Of Church
26. A Message To The President
27. Angry Queen
28. The Ode
29. Complex
30. Does Your Daddy Know?
31. This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
32. Limpwrist
33. I Love Hardcore Boys/ I Love Boys Hardcore
34. Stabbed In The Back
35. Recruiting Time
36. Brotherhood
37. Thanks



Here's some grind to enjoy. This shit causes brain hemorrhaging. Listen with caution.


1. The Stench of Burning Death
2. Eaten Alive
3. Acid Bath
4. Slaughter of the Innocent
5. Decomposed
6. Radiation Sickness
7. Splattered Cadavers
8. Festering Boils
9. Pestilent Decay
10. Crematorium
11. Driven to Insanity
12. Six Feet Under
13. Bodily Dismemberment
14. Repulsion
15. The Lurking Fear
16. Black Breath
17. Maggots in Your Coffin
18. Horrified


Body Count-Body Count (Cop Killer)

Body Count was one of the first bands I saw live, at the Cypress Hill Smokeout in 2003. This is crossover thrash from the hood, featuring the OG himself, Ice T, on vocals. This album is notable because it was first issued with the controversial song, "Cop Killer" which sparked debate across the nation on what could be said on a major label release...Fuck yeah. The song was removed in later issues of the record. It's kinda hypocritical, in a way, that Ice T plays a cop on TV. It's just television...Watch "Surviving The Game". That movie kicks ass, as does this album...Well, enjoy this for all it's worth. A classic record...Enjoy!

Body Count-Body Count:

1. Smoked Pork
2. Body Count's In The House
3. Now Sports
4. Body Count
5. A Statistic
6. Bowels Of The Devil
7. The Real Problem
8. KKK Bitch
9. C Note
10. Voodoo
11. The Winner Looses
12. There Goes The Neighborhood
13. Oprah
14. Evil Dick
15. Body Count Anthem
16. Momma's Gonna Die Tonight
17. Out In The Parking Lot
18. Cop Killer



God damned good ass crust punk. Here's everything they did nicely wrapped into a discography in a zipped folder...Enjoy!


1. Foreign Policy
2. Scream/Violent World
3. Salvation or Annihilation
4. Flesh of Another
5. End of Time
6. Big Brother in Your Bedroom
7. Elements of Oppression
8. Factory
9. Roleplay
10. Lines on a Map
11. Slaughter
12. Labels
13. Freedom at Last
14. No Hope
15. Alien Race
16. Greedy Bastards
17. Foreign Policy
18. Salvation or Annihilation
19. Flesh of Another
20. End of Time
21. Big Brother (In Your Bedroom)
22. Elements of Oppression
23. Labels
24. Factory
25. Lines on a Map
26. Where We Stand
27. Take Your City Back
28. Scream/Violent World
29. Sacrifice
30. Lines on a Map
31. Path of Destruction
32. Mothers
33. Where We Stand
34. Fist
35. Evil God


Behind Enemy Lines

Brutal crust/thrash/hardcore from Pittsburgh. Features members from Aus-Rotten, The Pist and Caustic Christ, so fans of those bands will not be disappointed...Enjoy!

Behind Enemy Lines-Know Your Enemy:

1. Behind Enemy Lines
2. Setting Things Right Again
3. American Made Death Squad
4. Why Does She Stay?
5. The Cure
6. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
7. Devestated
8. Muder at the G-8 Summit
9. Voice of Dissent
10. Dogmatic Slumber
11. Fucking Bastard
12. The Growing Wealth Gap
13. Closure?


Behind Enemy Lines-The Global Cannibal:

1. The Global Cannibal
2. What Did We Expect?
3. Advancing the Cause
4. As Long as I'm Safe
5. Hooked on Christ
6. Cycle of Violence
7. Self-Inflicted Extinction
8. Her Body. Her Decision?
9. The Army of God
10. The Politics of Hunger
11. Non-Lethal Weapons
12. Light It Up


Behind Enemy Lines-One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God:

1. Intro
2. Faceless
3. Retrobution
4. World Fear
5. Turn The Blind Eye
6. Flooded
7. Shoot The Looters
8. Gutter Religion
9. Rape The Planet For All Its Worth
10. Feeding Frenzy
11. Third World Blood
12. Track 12
13. Liberated To Be Degraded
14. Track 14