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Include a link to your shit and don't be a fag, you fucking faggot. Eat a dick. Lick on these testicles. I wanna anally inseminate Miles Ellerbeck (this will probably be here a year or two before he sees it...Love you bro). Also open yourself up to constructive criticism. I'll bluntly tell you it sucks and give the world a link to see just how bad it sucks. I am mimicking the stream of conscious asshole blogger speech now. Fuck you and eat several more dicks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I work too damn much, so there will be no new posts for the time being. I write for Crisis Magazine now. You can check out some of my articles on their website. Take care and if anyone wants to take over, then post a comment saying "I want to take over your shitty elitist blog".

Feed me beer! Oi! Cheers motherfuckers!