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Monday, October 12, 2009

Video Game Review: Need For Speed: Shift

Two words: Digitized crack

I am not an avid gamer...In fact, I only play new games every once in a fucking while, when the mood strikes me. Having loved most of the recent Need For Speed games, seeing this game at Best Buy triggered my lust for driving fast without actually doing it. I had some extra money to waste...So I did...

And I am utterly surprised...

This is almost a Gran Turismo or Forza killer (I still regard GT 2 on PS1 to be the best racing game ever). The only thing that handicaps it however, is that there are no where near enough cars to blow either title out of the water. There are some cool cars, yes, but I do like quantity every once in a while...Since I'm bitching about the lack of cars, what happened to all of the classic muscle cars, and why isn't there a 1st (or even 2nd) generation DSM? Fuck that...

Aside from that, we are treated to a game that offers the most realistic driving experience that doesn't suck. It's realistic in the right places, yet still arcadey enough for casual gamers to enjoy. The game begs to be played exclusively in the cockpit camera angle (I am usually a third-person type guy). The inside car view makes you feel like you're actually driving the fucking car. The exhaust note reverberates inside, which gives you the feeling of driving an over $100,000 car with another $200,000 in go-fast goodies. If you hit the wall, it feels like you hit the wall. The mechanics here contribute to a fun factor usually only reserved for Grand Theft Auto titles. Instead of wandering Liberty City, ethnically cleansing the streets of the obese Caucasian policemen that randomly spawn out of thin air when you so happen to "accidentally" let off a few rounds into the back of someone's head, I am racing the game's tracks over and over again and not getting bored...Which is hard for a game to do, especially when you have the attention span of a dirty asshole begging to get fucked. That's just nasty. But, like I said earlier, two words: Digitized crack.

The graphics are top-notch...I play a 360 on a thrift store TV and it still looks good. That, I guess, is the benefit of the 360. The PS3 needs all this high-definition bullshit to look decent, while the 360 is much kinder to those who don't have enough money to buy a fucking $500 television that supports HD and 1080p crap. I'm old school, although only 21. Give me convenience, or give me a fucking boner...And it don't have to be in no HD...What's to say about a society where seeing everything better than real life is valued? Do you really need to know that your favorite porn star doesn't know how to wipe her asshole properly? There are just some things I will never get. I guess we are all spoiled ever since Toy Story came out...And even that's back...In 3D...Fuck...Back on topic...The graphics do kick ass though. I like games that look and play good, and this is one of them.

The customization aspect is back and it is fun, but it doesn't feel anywhere as deep as anything pre-Carbon. It's better than the extremely stripped down one from that poor excuse for a game called Undercover, yet not as deep as Pro-Street was. It lacks, but it's still enjoyable. Hell, maybe I just like tweaking my in-game whip. It's nice to fantasize about owning cars you'll never own, except digitally, or in 1/24 scale. If I had a million dollars, I'd have a 1970 Chevelle SS454...Wait a second...I don't have a million dollars to buy an extremely rare muscle car with an extremely rare option at an extremely high price, so I'll settle on the one in the game...Wait another second...There is no 1970 Chevelle SS454 in the game...Fuck...I guess I'll just settle on my real-life 1992 VW Golf GTi that only has the 1.8 8v motor, and not the desired 16v or even a VR6 swap...Fuck, I need money...

And now I will conclude my review...After I type the word "fuck" again...Twice...


Fuck...And once more, in all CAPS...FUCK...And now the close...

I am hooked on this game like hooked on phonics and high grade hydroponics. It's fun. That's all that should matter. If you like racing games, buy this shit and play it until your Xbox comes down with red-ring of death syndrome. If you don't like racing games, then play that new Halo ODST game I keep hearing about...For all those with a Wii: It must suck to be you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

K.I.L.-Time For Revolution

Here's a badass band that you should listen to and then go see and then buy their record...

Here's what their bio says on Interpunk:

"We are a punk/ska band out the ashes of the slums of Victorville CA. we are against everything that blocks out our ability to think for our selves (including cops....)We have been playing shows for about 2 years and have played with bands like The Adicts, Tsol, Smut Peddlers,Agent Orange, ect.we have songs about drinkin, fightin, and the never ending battle to kill the people that hold ya down."

K.I.L. kicks ass. Check them out and always...Enjoy!

K.I.L.-Time For Revolution:

1. Army Trucks
2. American Dream
3. Drinking Beer
4. Dropout
5. Loaded Gun
6. Mohawk Revolution
7. The Underground
8. 8 To 80
9. Killdozer
10. Last Call
11. Through Today
12. 9 Month Ride Home
13. Outro


Looking For A Couple Of Contributors...

Mainly because I don't have the time like I once did to make constant posts...So basically, if you think you have something to bring to the table, hit me up at my email address, which is zacharyfelmly@yahoo.com, or just leave me a comment with your email.

You don't have to possess decent writing skills, so long as you know how to make it sound like you know what you're talking about. The only requirements are that you use Mediafire and have a blogger account. You can write about anything to, so long as you post fucking music sometimes (like every time). That's it. Here's some music...

Kids Like Us-Outta Control

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kent Brockman-Crustcoreviolence EP

Kent Brockman is a defunct hardcore band from Germany, but if you really want to be a dick about it, then you could call them a defunct crust punk/power violence/grind band from Germany. That works, but I'm not gonna be dick about it today...It's fucking hardcore...Just really really fast hardcore. You could also just call it fucking good...

This album kicks ass...If you dig fast shit, then this is for you...Enjoy!

Kent Brockman-Crustcoreviolence EP:

1. Righteous Bastards
2. Zeichen Der Zeit
3. Not My Way
4. Verstand
5. Financial Wealth
6. Choice
7. A Fact You Cant Ignore
8. Smooth Talker
9. Still Not Punk Enough?
10. Four
11. Legal For Yourself
12. Not Even Better
13. Problems


False Freedom-Molotov EP + Up Your Ass Tony EP

False Freedom is a punk band from Northern California (Sonora) that I have booked for shows on numerous occasions. The first time I met the band was at a show in Apple Valley years back and then I booked them for a house party at my place. That house party was the shit. I got insanely fucked up and their drummer Kell laid down my first ink. Unfortunately, I passed out...So I'm forever scarred with half the Battalion Of Saints logo on my upper right arm (which I refuse to finish or cover up, for memory's sake)...

My next experience with them was back in 2006, when I asked them to play a Battalion Of Saints show in Victorville at the Trilogy with Naked Aggression, Spitting On Cops, Dirtbag, and a shitload more (It was a 12+ hour show). Kell got into shit with the security guard and the guard chased him out to my truck. The guard threw a fucking boulder through my widow and kicked a dent into my truck when Kell jumped in. It was over some bullshit though and all Kell owes me is a tattoo the next time I see him...Just kidding...I still correspond with Bert, their bassist on occasion...But I have no idea as to the activity of the band.

The albums here, which I have no art for, were released on Stungun Records. Fuck, I'm not even sure the names of the albums...All I know, is that it's punk rock at it's finest...Raw, shitty and loud. Enjoy!

False Freedom-Molotov EP:

1. Molotov
2. Mr. Bones
3. Police 'B' Gone

False Freedom-Up Your Ass Tony EP:

1. Mr. Bones
2. The Fuzz/Dead Cities (Exploited Cover)
3. F.U.C.K.

Download both albums in one .RAR file

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Movie Review: Suburbia

Since I reviewed SLC Punk last night, i might as well review that other punk movie.

Suburbia kicks ass cause it sucks. It is B-movie garbage with horrible acting, but it has qualities which I love in film...Any movie where a kid gets killed gets points from me. That classic moment aside, there's nothing much else to be had here, except for some pretty cool live performances (D.I., TSOL and The Vandals) and some laughably horrendous acting.

It is really cool though that director Spheeris decided to give the roles to real kids involved in the subculture instead of actors playing punks (except for one, I believe). This gives the film a certain authenticity that is usually only reserved for certain documentaries. "Suburbia" is the only narrative film that could really be called a true punk movie...

Any way you look at it though, this is a bad and sadly broken film, although I wasn't expecting any greatness or "oh my gawd!" effect. It's just bad for all the good reasons and is certainly a film that I can go back to again and again for years to come.

On another note, Rob Rotten's pseudo-remake porn entitled "Little Runaway" is actually a better movie. And not just because of the nudity and hardcore whoopee. The acting is better. Seriously, it is. Anyways...

"Suburbia" is a good bad movie. I highly recommend it.

More music posts coming soon.