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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zeke-Death Alley

Zeke is Zeke. Not any other band really quite like them, except for Motörhead. Zeke is Motörhead on crack, whereas Motörhead was already rock 'n' roll on speed, so I can come to the conclusion that this band is fast and they're cranked up on methamphetamines and cocaine derivatives. Did I mention already that this band is really fucking fast, but also musically tight. Tighter than the majority of bands out there, including the most metalest of the bunch. This is faster than shit Motörhead worship with a punk aesthetic and approach and it's fucking tight to, if I haven't already mentioned that. It's tighter than a virgin's un-invaded vaginal cavern waiting for daring spelunkers to infiltrate and lay claim to being the first to ever investigate. It's also tighter than an asshole that hasn't been massaged to accommodate a fleshy, cylindrical appendage that squirts salty, warm, expired milk when total utter happiness has been achieved. It's also way tighter than you, because you suck. So fuck you. And finally, Enjoy!

Zeke-Death Alley:

1. Crossroads
2. Live Wire
3. Jack Tolerance
4. Evil Dead
5. Arkansas Man
6. Shockwaves
7. Mountain Man
8. Evil Woman
9. The River
10. Night Rider
11. Into The Night
12. On The Run
13. Animal
14. Road Ahead
15. Eyes Of Satan
16. Death Alley


Wastelander said...

Orgasmic album!

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