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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

88 Fingers Louie-88 Fingers Up Your Ass

88 Fingers Louie-88 Fingers Up Your Ass:

1. Past Mistakes
2. Ritter
3. In Your Eyes
4. Try It Again (Circle Jerks Cover)
5. Won't Stay Late
6. Vera
7. Too Many
8. Irreparable Damage
9. Call It A Night
10. Run On Home
11. Victim In Pain (Agnostic Front Cover)
12. New Direction (Gorilla Biscuits Cover)
13. Funny Look
14. Emotions
15. Call It A Night
16. State Of Confusion
17. Hard To Believe
18. Not Just My Head
19. My Fathers Dreams
20. All I Want for Christmas
21. I Hate Myself
22. Can't Get Up The Nerve
23. Apart At The Seams
24. Inside Myself
25. In The John [Live]
26. Something I Don't Know [Live]
27. Too Many [Live]


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