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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A.i.D.S.-Complete Demos

I like to post bands that I was a part of because I am so conceded and into myself. I am the shit and I know it. A.i.D.S. was my first band with any recorded output. And all of our recorded output happened to be recorded on an MP3 player, so the quality sucks along with the music. I formed the band with Caleb from We're Single, The Blasphemers and the Scum Sluts out of shear boredom. I sang and Caleb played guitar. We had Caleb's friend, Kike fill in on drums at first, but he didn't know how to play. He joined the band officially when Corndog started to play bass for us. We played a show at the Ponderosa in Apple Valley and gained a reputation as a horribly shitty band who sucked and started shit with everyone because we could. Well, Kike left the band soon after and we got Austin Victim to play drums for us for the rest of our shows. We mainly played house shows, only an actual venue 3 times, but the house shows were the best. We were always too fucked up to play right and I was the ultimate attention whore, threatening to go GG Allin on everyone all the time plus we were all assholes...Maybe that's why our fan base consisted of our ever so supportive parents. Fuckin' A. It was fun while it lasted. Enjoy this literal shit.

A.i.D.S.-Complete Demos:

1. Ball And Chain (Acoustic Social Distortion Cover)
2. Bite It You Skum (Reggae Ska Disco GG Allin Cover)
3. Die Bitch (Original Demo)
4. Die Bitch (Better Demo)
5. I'd Rather Be Sleeping (DRI Cover)
6. Monster Mash
7. Ratcore
8. White Power Golden Shower


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