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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Heretix-Static Rat EP

This was to be the first release by the Heretix from Hesperia and also was to be the first release by DTSP Inc. Records, which was started by myself and Corndog. We went under before we could release it. The Heretix started off basically as a Misfits' cover band and ended up playing very generic street punk and there is nothing really wrong with that. It's fucking good. Members went on to the Antioxys (another generic street punk band which I played in), and Bastard Bug & The Griptape Junkies (pretty good skate punk/thrash band). These tracks were compiled from a 10 or 11 song full length album which also never came out. Only a few people heard it and I used to have a copy. I will post that if I ever find it or get another copy. Enjoy!

The Heretix-Static Rat EP:

1. Static Rat
2. Punks In The City
3. Punks And Skins
4. Filler (Minor Threat)
5. Static Rat (Demo)


1 comment:

Pogel said...

Generic punk is OK by me. Better than non-punk or guys who dress punk just for the look.