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Monday, December 22, 2008

Fecal Matter-Complete Demo's

This band holds legendary status in the High Desert scene. I saw them one time before Clamz was passed...It might of been their last show, but I'm not sure. They were a nice introduction to the local scene, which I really wasn't aware of at the time and it's great because I realized I didn't have to bum rides to The Showcase in Corona to see a half way decent band. Enjoy them for they're worth. It's really hard to understand their worth if you are not from the Desert...To someone else not a part of the Desert scene, past or present (presently no scene), they are a decent skate hardcore punk band. In essence, what I'm saying is, you would have had to have been there. I more or less realized it later, from the drunken ramblings of Spitting On Cops' Clumsey, that these guys meant a lot (I was at just one show)...Maybe I'll never truely grasp it myself, but you can here a lot of where the High Desert "sound" comes from here...Now is the hard part, defining the High Desert punk "sound"...Maybe it's better left undefined. You can't count the British wannabe's from Hesperia though. Let's just say, it's defined by the nothingness and boredom that a life in the Desert brings and the few things that you can do to kill time. Like get drunk, skate, and start a pissed off punk band for no reason other than you can. Fuck it, that's my rant...Here's FECAL MATTER!

Fecal Matter-Complete Demo's:

1. The Pledge
2. Near Beer for Queers
3. Nazis in Blue
4. Let's get fucked up
5. Liquor store song
6. Couch Life
7. Church is a Sin
8.Fecal Matter Means Shit (Original)
9. Skate to Hell
10. Minimum Wage
11. American Dream
12. Wasting Your LIfe
13. Stabbed in Back
14. Cops Kill
15. Uptown Downtown
16. 40 oz
17. Fecal Matter means shit
18. I killed Mommy (Dayglo Abortions)


Thanks to Vultch at One Life 2 Liver for this important piece of High Desert musical history!

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5 years gone. get the DL back up! CLAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMZ!!!!!!!!!