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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Heretix-Static Rat EP

This was to be the first release by the Heretix from Hesperia and also was to be the first release by DTSP Inc. Records, which was started by myself and Corndog. We went under before we could release it. The Heretix started off basically as a Misfits' cover band and ended up playing very generic street punk and there is nothing really wrong with that. It's fucking good. Members went on to the Antioxys (another generic street punk band which I played in), and Bastard Bug & The Griptape Junkies (pretty good skate punk/thrash band). These tracks were compiled from a 10 or 11 song full length album which also never came out. Only a few people heard it and I used to have a copy. I will post that if I ever find it or get another copy. Enjoy!

The Heretix-Static Rat EP:

1. Static Rat
2. Punks In The City
3. Punks And Skins
4. Filler (Minor Threat)
5. Static Rat (Demo)


A.i.D.S.-Complete Demos

I like to post bands that I was a part of because I am so conceded and into myself. I am the shit and I know it. A.i.D.S. was my first band with any recorded output. And all of our recorded output happened to be recorded on an MP3 player, so the quality sucks along with the music. I formed the band with Caleb from We're Single, The Blasphemers and the Scum Sluts out of shear boredom. I sang and Caleb played guitar. We had Caleb's friend, Kike fill in on drums at first, but he didn't know how to play. He joined the band officially when Corndog started to play bass for us. We played a show at the Ponderosa in Apple Valley and gained a reputation as a horribly shitty band who sucked and started shit with everyone because we could. Well, Kike left the band soon after and we got Austin Victim to play drums for us for the rest of our shows. We mainly played house shows, only an actual venue 3 times, but the house shows were the best. We were always too fucked up to play right and I was the ultimate attention whore, threatening to go GG Allin on everyone all the time plus we were all assholes...Maybe that's why our fan base consisted of our ever so supportive parents. Fuckin' A. It was fun while it lasted. Enjoy this literal shit.

A.i.D.S.-Complete Demos:

1. Ball And Chain (Acoustic Social Distortion Cover)
2. Bite It You Skum (Reggae Ska Disco GG Allin Cover)
3. Die Bitch (Original Demo)
4. Die Bitch (Better Demo)
5. I'd Rather Be Sleeping (DRI Cover)
6. Monster Mash
7. Ratcore
8. White Power Golden Shower


Uncle Slam-Say Uncle

One of the coolest fucking band names ever. Other than that, it's pretty much straight forward crossover thrash. The band was formed as the Brood in 1984 with former Suicidal Tendencies drummer, Amery Smith and some other dudes who aren't important. The band served almost as a retirement home for ex-Suicidal Tendencies members, as R.J. Herrera, Louiche Mayorga, and Bob Heathcote were all members at one time or another, albeit not all were members at the same time. Enjoy!

Uncle Slam-Say Uncle:

1. Weirdo Man
2. The Ugly Dude
3. Judgement Day
4. Micro Logic
5. Contaminated
6. Up From Beneath
7. Executioner
8. The Prophecy
9. Say Uncle
10. Immolation
11. Eve Of The End
12. Come Alive


The Cooters-Chaos Or Bust

This is The Cooters from Mississippi. One way to describe these guys would be "Crust 'N Roll". The band themselves describe themselves as "punk metal" and it is a fitting description. These are some great tunes with some covers of some other great tunes thrown in for good measure. This was released on Profane Existence in 2005, so you know it's good. Merry fucking Crustmas! Enjoy!

The Cooters-Chaos Or Bust

1. Reign Lunacy
2. Crapple Pie
3. Love To Hate
4. Bustin' Loose
5. The Waffle House Rock
6. Let's Rock
7. Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
8. Static Age (Misfits)
9. TV Casualty (Misfits)
10. Memphis Lawyers Must Die
11. A Hell On Earth/Cries Of Help (Discharge)
12. Chaos Or Bust


Monday, December 22, 2008

Fecal Matter-Complete Demo's

This band holds legendary status in the High Desert scene. I saw them one time before Clamz was passed...It might of been their last show, but I'm not sure. They were a nice introduction to the local scene, which I really wasn't aware of at the time and it's great because I realized I didn't have to bum rides to The Showcase in Corona to see a half way decent band. Enjoy them for they're worth. It's really hard to understand their worth if you are not from the Desert...To someone else not a part of the Desert scene, past or present (presently no scene), they are a decent skate hardcore punk band. In essence, what I'm saying is, you would have had to have been there. I more or less realized it later, from the drunken ramblings of Spitting On Cops' Clumsey, that these guys meant a lot (I was at just one show)...Maybe I'll never truely grasp it myself, but you can here a lot of where the High Desert "sound" comes from here...Now is the hard part, defining the High Desert punk "sound"...Maybe it's better left undefined. You can't count the British wannabe's from Hesperia though. Let's just say, it's defined by the nothingness and boredom that a life in the Desert brings and the few things that you can do to kill time. Like get drunk, skate, and start a pissed off punk band for no reason other than you can. Fuck it, that's my rant...Here's FECAL MATTER!

Fecal Matter-Complete Demo's:

1. The Pledge
2. Near Beer for Queers
3. Nazis in Blue
4. Let's get fucked up
5. Liquor store song
6. Couch Life
7. Church is a Sin
8.Fecal Matter Means Shit (Original)
9. Skate to Hell
10. Minimum Wage
11. American Dream
12. Wasting Your LIfe
13. Stabbed in Back
14. Cops Kill
15. Uptown Downtown
16. 40 oz
17. Fecal Matter means shit
18. I killed Mommy (Dayglo Abortions)


Thanks to Vultch at One Life 2 Liver for this important piece of High Desert musical history!