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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Dealing With It

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles or DRI is pretty much the first, and the best when it comes to crossover. Some asshole will probably come along and talk about some super obscure band that came before that was faster and "crossed over" prior to DRI's formation...Fuck, I might even know of some...But thinking long and hard on something as trivial as that is completely fucking pointless. This album and "Crossover" are my favorite records in DRI's catalog. I am not much for "Dirty Rotten LP" as some purists might be, because it is of way lower quality and sucks the shit out of Martha Stewart's anal cavity. To me, "Dealing With It" is the definitive DRI album. Enjoy!

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Dealing With It:
  1. "Snap" – 1:10
  2. "I'd Rather Be Sleeping" – 1:12
  3. "Marriage" – 0:53
  4. "Yes Ma'am" – 1:56
  5. "Soup Kitchen" – 2:02
  6. "Mad Man" – 1:40
  7. "Stupid, Stupid War" – 0:26
  8. "Counter Attack" – 1:02
  9. "Couch Slouch" – 1:26
  10. "God Is Broke" – 1:07
  11. "Karma" – 2:16
  12. "Nursing Home Blues" – 3:50
  13. "I Don't Need Society" – 1:36
  14. "Give My Taxes Back" – 0:56
  15. "The Explorer" – 1:36
  16. "Reagonomics" – 0:46
  17. "How to Act" – 1:10
  18. "Shame" – 1:09
  19. "Argument Then War" – 3:23
  20. "Evil Minds" – 0:59
  21. "Slit My Wrist" – 0:30
  22. "Busted Again" – 0:54
  23. "Equal People" – 0:51
  24. "On My Way Home" – 1:00
  25. "Bail Out" – 0:44

1 comment:

Vultch said...

This would have to be hands down my favorite D.R.I. album as well!!!...still straight, fast blazing hardcore punk with little hints of the crossover mayhem that was to come in the next album.