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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Extreme Noise Terror-Law Of Retaliation

Fucking brutal grindcore, crust punk...That's all that really needs to be said about Extreme Noise Terror, who along with Napalm Death, pioneered the genre affectionately referred to as grind. The last few releases by ENT have been more predominately rooted in extreme metal and not so much in hardcore punk. This album goes back to the roots of the band...Which is heavily distorted 80's UK punk of the anarcho variety with "Cookie Monster" vocals. Think a faster, harder, more pissed off Discharge. This some good shit...Enjoy!

Extreme Noise Terror-Law Of Retaliation:

1. Believe What I Say
2. Religion is Fear
3. Spit On Your Dreams
4. Skin Deep
5. Blind Lead The Blind
6. Short Fuse
7. Chasing Shadows
8. Human Waste
9. Rat Hell
10. Enslaved In Darkness
11. Nothing No More
12. Parasites
13. Revenge
14. Rotten To The Core
15. Low Life
16. Against The Grain
17. Screaming Fucking Mayhem
18. Death Message
19. Divided And Ruled


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