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Monday, September 28, 2009

Emergency Hour-The Children's Hour

I really hate the majority of what comes through my email. Some of the shit is so god awful bad that it makes Limp Bizkit sound like a viable listening option. Thankfully, these guys are only half bad. These guys are called Emergency Hour and hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have been making tune-age since they were in 8th grade and have been around for a few years now. There are elements of both punk rock and early hardcore to be found here...

In all honesty, they remind me of all those obscure musically talented hardcore punk bands from Bumfuck nowhere that only released one or two EPs or LPs (that can be found on some of those other blogs) and then abruptly drifted off into the abyss. There is something to be said about all of those hardcore gems that circulate the internet...And that is that most of them suck, but some are still great. I find this to be somewhere in the upper middle to higher end, you know...Half bad, but still kinda fucking really good...The vocals kind of turned me off a bit at first, but they grew on me, kinda like a tumor or Bob Saget does. Hell, I can find fault with everything though, except for maybe food, cause I'm fat. So, I am recommending it. It's punk rock, in all it's shit-tasticly good glory. I like it...So, enjoy!

To the band: If you're ever in California, I'll book you guys a show with my band.

Emergency Ahead-The Children's Hour:

1. Digital Age
2. Testing
3. Bomb In The School
4. Over There
5. Self Destruct
6. Run Away
7. Eat The Fetus
9. Insignificant
10. No Mind
11. Puking Up The Pieces
12. Emergency Ahead


1 comment:

David Jio (From Emergency Ahead) said...

Amazing, I didn't think you'd like it!! Thanks so much man. Also, you put our label as "Emergency /Hour/" instead of "/Ahead/" but it's no big deal haha. Thanks again.

We're still going, although we're going through singers faster than a pimp through feather hats. You might not like our new material, but I'll be sure to send it anyways.

~David, Bass