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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Movie Review: SLC Punk

I've seen this film once before...When I was 16. It was good then. Now, I'm 21 and I decided to relive a film that had some bearing on the development of who I am today...

Maybe I avoided this film again because of the obvious stigma this movie holds in the punk community. Most view it as a piece of shit. Maybe it is, but only if you really want to call it a "punk" movie. It's basically an 80s teen comedy set in punk land. There's nothing wrong with 80s teen comedy's (John Hughes was the shit...RIP), but the movie should not be taken as a guideline for impressionable youths trying to defy social norms by dressing trendy with all the sheep. It works as what I said it works as. Anything else however, it fails miserably...

It's basically a 90 minute long introduction. The film is basically "Hey, I'm a punk and I believe in anarchy" and "Now that you know that, here's my friends, who are mostly punks and believe in anarchy as well"...And the film even calls anarchy a "system of government", when it's clearly just "no government", followed by personal opinion whether you talk to a crusty or a chaos punk about it...The film fails in that there really isn't a plot type plot. It just presents things as they are in Salt Lake City and babbles on for fucking ever...And if there is a plot, it's hidden good as fuck, because you're distracted every other minute by some stupid flashback (some of which are funny) or a pointless rant by Shaggy. It fucking blows. It kinda works like a pilot episode, in that they set up and introduce for the whole run time...What's sad is that this also wouldn't work as a pilot, cause they kill off the only character that's likable (Heroin Bob).

It ends on too much of a downer. Someone always dies in these punk movies. It's like the kid in Suburbia, except that part was funny. This movie loses it's humor and get's all up it's ass in the third act. Fuck that. Make me laugh for fuck's sake. It's a fucking comedy. But still, my biggest gripe is that they don't kill off Shaggy...

Fuckin' Shaggy lives, but the lovable Travis Bickle look alike doesn't? What the fucking fuck!

And then there's the ending, after Bob dies...

The motherfucker becomes a lawyer? Shaggy is gonna fuckin' decide shit in court? Maybe the message is "grow the fuck up and get a job"...And I kinda like that message now that I think about it. This movie says more against punk than it does for it. So, the next time some 16 year old kid at Hot Topic buys it, I hope he or she gets the fucking message. Stop fucking dressing like a clown and get a god damned job you fucking waste of life. I hope you get aids and die. Thank Joe Pesci for this movie.

The movie would of been good if Heroin Bob were the lead character. Matthew Lillard is unlikeable in every movie I've seen him in. You feel no compassion for his character whatsoever. You feel bad for Bob and that's about it. Fuck this film.

1 comment:

Sue said...

I agree with you that Heroin Bob should have been the lead character.

Again, I watched it when I was younger, and thought it was great. I also watched it again a few months back, and to be honest I just wanted to kick the shit out of Matthew Lillard. He is unbearable in the film.

Stevo's constant moaning, reminds of Catcher in the Rye, how a story is being told, then it just goes off on a completely different tangent.