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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Revolution Mother-Glory Bound

I saw these guys open for Social Distortion about a year and a half back. They stole the show. Revolution Mother is Mike Vallely's second music venture, the prior being Mike V. & The Rats. Revolution Mother pretty much blows The Rats out of the water and fucks them with an icepick. Musically, they sound like what the mid-80s Black Flag should of sounded like, or maybe even a slowed down version of Zeke. Basically, it's hard driving metal-tinged punk rock that is primarily played at a not too fucking fast tempo, but still never looses any of it's energy. It's fucking good. You should download it...Enjoy!

Revolution Mother-Glory Bound:

1. Come On
2. Above The Crawl
3. Switchblades & Urethane
4. Bullet
5. Burning From The Inside
6. Do Or Die
7. The Real Deal
8. The Accuser
9. Hole In The Sky
10. Who I Am
11. Roll Tonight


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