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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sea Of Deprivation-Catharsis In Disharmony

Does life really hate me? Or so I just hate life? I pose this question to myself in hopes of seeking a cure for my ongoing depression due to the fact that my ex-girlfriend stomped on my soul and shit on my dignity...What a fucking bitch...Life is a bitch. Everyone goes through this bullshit and it can be said that to truly experience life, you have to experience the bad...Whether you'd like to or not. It makes it harder, cause I was with her for two years, we had a kid (who was adopted), and I bought her not one, but two goddamn engagement rings! Plus, it all came out of left field. Everything seemed fine, then I found out she was fucking some other jackass. What really pissed me off, is that she couldn't be honest about it. When she was confronted, she stilled lied about it, even when I read her the Myspace message she wrote to him...

It still haunts me. She fucking inhabits my every fucking other thought and I feel she's just sitting there on her ass, laughing at how much she fucked me up. I don't get women. But on the plus side, I've taken some much needed "me" time. So, I now have lost 30 pounds, gained some muscle and am in the process of becoming a strict vegan (although I still love ripping on animal rights people). And I'm joining the National Guard! Why, cause I can and am not doing anything better with my time...And I really don't value self preservation as much as I used to. So basically: Fuck my life. I also realized that I use commas in such inappropriate, places, that, it would seem, William, Shatner is fucking talking...

What the fuck is the point to this random rant? There is none. Blogs are usually used for:

A.) Bitching about your life
B.) Bitching about politics
C.) Bitching about movies and music
D.) Ripping off the music industry and hard working independent artists that really deserve to have their album bought, but some asshole who really likes the band decides to put it up for free download on his or her blog. An entire universe of music is just a Google search away!

And since this is my blog, I choose to represent A, B, C, and D...

So...There's the point...Because I fucking can! Since you just sat through that completely pointless cluster fuck of thought, here's some music! It's Sea Of Deprivation. Crust. Exactly what a depressed individual such as myself should be listening to...Enjoy!

Sea Of Deprivation-Catharsis In Disharmony:

1. Hell Hath No Fury
2. Eco-Catastrophe
3. The Cold Hand Of Reality
4. You Fucking Jerk
5. Who's the Fucking Criminal
6. Unconditionally
7. So I Abhor...
8. The Cycle of Misery


Note: Missing a couple of tracks, so I suggest a Google search to obtain a complete link.


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