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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Municipal Waste-Live At Lintfabriek 13-06-2004

Here's a short live set from Municipal Waste. The quality is pretty good. Enjoy!

Municipal Waste-Live At Lintfabriek 13-06-2004

1. Intro
2. Waste 'Em All
3. Abusement Park
4. Toxic Revolution
5. I Want To Kill The President
6. Substitute Creature
7. Mutants Of War
8. Mountain Wizard
9. Born To Party
10. Slow Death (The Accused)
11. Death Ripper


Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Dealing With It

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles or DRI is pretty much the first, and the best when it comes to crossover. Some asshole will probably come along and talk about some super obscure band that came before that was faster and "crossed over" prior to DRI's formation...Fuck, I might even know of some...But thinking long and hard on something as trivial as that is completely fucking pointless. This album and "Crossover" are my favorite records in DRI's catalog. I am not much for "Dirty Rotten LP" as some purists might be, because it is of way lower quality and sucks the shit out of Martha Stewart's anal cavity. To me, "Dealing With It" is the definitive DRI album. Enjoy!

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Dealing With It:
  1. "Snap" – 1:10
  2. "I'd Rather Be Sleeping" – 1:12
  3. "Marriage" – 0:53
  4. "Yes Ma'am" – 1:56
  5. "Soup Kitchen" – 2:02
  6. "Mad Man" – 1:40
  7. "Stupid, Stupid War" – 0:26
  8. "Counter Attack" – 1:02
  9. "Couch Slouch" – 1:26
  10. "God Is Broke" – 1:07
  11. "Karma" – 2:16
  12. "Nursing Home Blues" – 3:50
  13. "I Don't Need Society" – 1:36
  14. "Give My Taxes Back" – 0:56
  15. "The Explorer" – 1:36
  16. "Reagonomics" – 0:46
  17. "How to Act" – 1:10
  18. "Shame" – 1:09
  19. "Argument Then War" – 3:23
  20. "Evil Minds" – 0:59
  21. "Slit My Wrist" – 0:30
  22. "Busted Again" – 0:54
  23. "Equal People" – 0:51
  24. "On My Way Home" – 1:00
  25. "Bail Out" – 0:44

Cypress Hill-Greatest Hits From The Bong

Cypress Hill-Greatest Hits From The Bong:

1. How I Could Just Kill A Man
2. Hand On The Pump
3. Latin Lingo
4. Insane In The Brain
5. I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
6. Throw Your Set In The Air
7. Dr. Greenthumb
8. Rock Superstar
9. Latin Thugs
10. The Only Way
11. EZ Come EZ Go
12. Latin Thugs (Reggaeton Mix)
13. Tequila Sunrise
14. Can't Get The Best Of Me
15. Lowrider


Municipal Waste-Tango And Thrash EP

Municipal Waste is Scott Ian's favorite metal band...But they admit to liking Slayer more than Anthrax...I agree...This EP comes in at just over four minutes...And a good chunk of that time is allocated to samples. Municipal Waste fucking owns your soul. Let's party! Or not...Fuck it...Enjoy!

Municipal Waste-Tango And Thrash EP:

1. Escape From New York (Intro)/Big Trouble In Little China
2. Captain Ron (Overboard)
3. Backdraft
4. Tango and Thrash


Extreme Noise Terror-Law Of Retaliation

Fucking brutal grindcore, crust punk...That's all that really needs to be said about Extreme Noise Terror, who along with Napalm Death, pioneered the genre affectionately referred to as grind. The last few releases by ENT have been more predominately rooted in extreme metal and not so much in hardcore punk. This album goes back to the roots of the band...Which is heavily distorted 80's UK punk of the anarcho variety with "Cookie Monster" vocals. Think a faster, harder, more pissed off Discharge. This some good shit...Enjoy!

Extreme Noise Terror-Law Of Retaliation:

1. Believe What I Say
2. Religion is Fear
3. Spit On Your Dreams
4. Skin Deep
5. Blind Lead The Blind
6. Short Fuse
7. Chasing Shadows
8. Human Waste
9. Rat Hell
10. Enslaved In Darkness
11. Nothing No More
12. Parasites
13. Revenge
14. Rotten To The Core
15. Low Life
16. Against The Grain
17. Screaming Fucking Mayhem
18. Death Message
19. Divided And Ruled


Monday, February 16, 2009

Captain Cannibus-Demo

C.C. is my best friend. I've known him since kindergarten. He likes to make comedy rap songs and I think he does a pretty good job at it. He is especially talented when it comes to making beats...Maybe because all he does is smoke marijuana out of various smoking devices. These are some older demos of his. The quality sucks on a few of the songs and some of the lyrics are whack. His newer stuff is a million times better. The best tracks on the demo are "Beer Before Liquor", "Get Toasted" and "Munchies"...Anyways, check it out and enjoy!

Captain Cannibus-Demo:

1. I Gotta Get High
2. Keep Your Head Up
3. Beer Before Liquor
4. Mikey Boy
5. Bomb Weed
6. I Wanna Smoke Some Marijuana
7. Getting Faded
8. Throw Your Hands Up
9. Get Toasted (Get Low Parody)
10. Munchies
11. Dice
11. C.A.P.T.A.I.N.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flipper-Blow'n Chunks

Some great low fidelity live recording of one of the worst (or greatest, depending on opinion) bands of all time. A must have for any fan of Flipper...And the quality is so bad that only fans of Flipper will enjoy it really...This is not what you should listen to if you're just getting into Flipper as it will leave a bad taste in your mouth and give you aids. Other than that, enjoy!

Flipper-Blow'n Chunks:

1. Way Of The World
2. The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise
3. Shed No Tears
4. Love Canal
5. Ha Ha Ha
6. In Your Arms
7. Life Is Cheap
8. In Life My Friend
9. Get Away
10. Life
11. Sacrifice
12. If I Can't Be Drunk
13. Ice Cold Beer


What I've Been Doing...

I just moved to Lakewood (near Long Beach), so it'll be a little while before I start uploading new music and shit...Maybe later today, or tomorrow, or like in a few days or weeks or something. Fuckin' a. Anyways, if you wait patiently, you will be in for a treat ya fucking douchebag assfucks. Cheers,

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