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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Use For A Name-¡Leche con Carne!

This is an unusual album for this blog and an unusual album for me to like. No Use For A Name and I go way back...Back to the early days of punk for myself. An interesting story I will relay to those who take the time to read this shit.

A long time ago my sister played soccer. On my sister's team, Matt Riddle's (formerly of Face To Face, currently in NUFAN) stepson played alongside her. I was a fat, Star Wars nerd with a skateboard, attempting to learn on the rock covered asphalt of Baldy Mesa Elementary school. Well, my father introduced me to Matt, because he knew we had a mutual love for video games. I peeped his Link tattoo on this calf and knew I had a buddy. Then I found out he played bass for NUFAN (not on the album I'm posting). I only knew them from a Warped Tour Comp I picked up from Hot Topic prior to the meeting. We got to talking and found out he shared a passion for Star Wars (and Lord Of The Rings...ewww). He asked me if I liked punk. I said "yeah, I like Blink 182"...That wasn't really punk, but I was a fat, Star Wars nerd, so it was to me. He pointed me in the direction of The Ramones and is directly responsible for my "transformation". I was so naive at the time, I asked why Ignite had a save the whales thing on one of their albums. He could of just written me off right then and there, but he kept "mentoring" me. He's a nerd and I was (am), so we got along pretty good, discussing everything from bands I should listen to, all the way to references to Star Wars in Kevin Smith films. He gave me "Live In A Dive" and "More Betterness" by NUFAN and a signed comic book that accompanied NUFAN's "Live In A Dive". At the time I didn't understand punk bands' goals were not to get huge and be played on MTV, so I always wished him luck with making it big haha. He was a pretty cool guy.

Then years later, I ran into him at Stater Bros. in Phelan, Ca. and you could see him laughing on the inside cause I looked like a circus freak with my studded leather, liberty spikes, patches, etc. All I could really say to him was "thanks"...So, thanks Matt. Thanks for sending me on this self destructive path of punk, metal and alcohol...You fucking rock and you still owe me a round of Halo!

Matt doesn't play on this record, but it's still my favorite one. Basic 90s pop-punk, but more punk than pop that it's just punk. I like it. Enjoy!

No Use For A Name-¡Leche con Carne!:

1. Justified Black Eye
2. Couch Boy
3. Soul Mate
4. 51 Days
5. Leave It Behind
6. Redemption Song
7. Straight From The Jacket
8. Fields Of Agony
9. Fatal Flu
10. Wood
11. Alone
12. Exit



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