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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tunnel Rats-Our War Is Never Over

I got this on Soulseek a long time ago. Loud, obnoxious, offensive punk rock stuck in a GG Allin state of mind. Juvenile delinquents, murderers and rapists rejoice! Here's 26 anthems to fuel any lewd or illegal act that you can think of. I'm not too familiar with the band's history or anything about them really, other than they're from New Hampshire and kick ass. Their Myspace has a detailed history on it, but I don't want to take the time to read it...Fuck off and enjoy!

Tunnel Rats-Our War Is Never Over:

1. Head Broke In
2. Damn It All
3. Fuck This Shit
4. I Love Young Cunt
5. Cover Band
6. S&M Party
7. Annette's Got The Tits
8. Regression
9. Hillside Strangler
10. Lights Out
11. Fuck That Weak Shit
12. Dog Too Tough
13. Live Free Or Die
14. Don't Tell Yer Mom
15. Patriots Militia
16. Going To Marty's
17. I'm So Drunk
18. Tough Fucking Shit
19. Die When You Die
20. Santiago Sucks
21. I Should Have Killed You Yesterday
22. Run For Your Life
23. I Love Living In New Hampshire
24. Rollins Is A Gay Boy
25. The NFL
26. Symptom Of The Universe


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