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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Pist-Input Equals Output

The Pist fucking kick so much ass that it's difficult to explain how much they do in fact kick ass. They're one of those bands with lyrics that make you think and are actually good. Musically, this is your standard punk or street punk, but it's more a thinking man's kinda band in that you're taken aback by the intelligence behind some of these words. It's not like Al picked up a dictionary and was like "that's a cool word that will rhyme", it's more like "here's a word that actually makes sense in the context of the song...that rhymes". Fucking awesome band. I only wish I didn't discover them so late. Enjoy!

The Pist-Input Equals Output:

1. We're The Pist
2. Destroy Society
3. Textbook Salvation
4. Hallelujah
5. Punk Song
6. No (Subhumans)
7. Ha Ha Ha (Flipper)
8. For Every Action
9. True Love
10. Threat
11. Warning Shot
12. I Hate Music
13. New School
14. Bonanaza
15. Fuck Shit Up (Blatz)
16. Your America
17. Anti-Human
18. Right To Choose
19. Bubble Gum Bullshit
20. Someone's Gonna Die (Blitz)
21. Unspoken
22. Small Town
23. Creature In My Closet
24. Black-n-Blue Collar
25. Needless
26. Slogans
27. Wrong
28. Walking Revolution
29. Sedate
30. Comfortable
31. The First Stone
32. Mutual
33. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)


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Al Pist said...

Share the music! But don't forget if you want to buy any of our LPs they are all available at The Pist Online Store. Thanks for the nice review. Keep up the good work!