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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ludichrist-Immaculate Deception

Ludichrist-Immaculate Deception:

1. Fire At The Firehouse
2. Most People Are Dicks
3. Murder Bloody Murder
4. Blown Into The Arms Of Christ
5. Big Business
6. Only As Directed
7. Games Once Played
8. Green Eggs And Ham
9. Immaculate Deception
10. You Can't Have Fun
11. Government Kids
12. Legal Murder
13. Down With The Ship
14. Thinking Of You
15. Tylenol
16. Mengele
17. Young White And Well Behaved
18. Last Train To Clarksville
19. God Is Everywhere



rodifiRe said...

Thanks so much!!! this si a perfect album!!!
not any weak seconds!! just power!

NJMIKE Grindhouse said...

Thanks Bud!! I had Fire at the Firehouse on my mind for a week and couldn't remember who's song it was. Actually have the record still.. LOL