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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lucky Devils-Time Passes By...

I have never really liked rockabilly revival, or psychobilly (which I always equated to The Misfits with a stand up bass). There are a few bands I've listened to and liked, The Lucky Devils being one of them. I've always thought of this "retro" style of music and dress as a scourge that needs to be eradicated...And then I take a look at myself, in my studded leather and Doc Martens. Fuck it. Enjoy!

Lucky Devils-Time Passes By...:

1. Look My Way
2. Bye Pretty Baby
3. Honky Tonk Rock
4. Paint It Black
5. Got To Leave You
6. Strange Kind Of Woman
7. Don't Shop Around
8. Smell Like Teen Spirit
9. Time Passes By
10. Highway Chile
11. Bella Mia
12. I'll Keep On Rockin' When I'm Dead
13. Surfin' Buffy (Bonus Track)


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