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Monday, September 6, 2010

Spitting On Cops-New Album Sampler

I've wanted to share this since it got recorded, but haven't because of my investment in it, as well as not wanting Clumzy and the boys to beat me into oblivion...But the urge has gotten to me (sorry guys!). Here's a sampler I made to share here, as well as to be placed on the free shelves at Dr. Strange records. This sampler includes all the tracks that are on their Myspace, as well as 4 others I picked out. These are the original versions. These lack the samples before and after some of the songs that will go on the final release. This is some fucking awesome shit. Enjoy!

Spitting On Cops-New Album Sampler:

1. Demons
2. Fuck (My Favorite Word)
3. Keep On Truckin'
4. Payback's A Bitch II
5. Skating Drunk As Fuck
6. Who Spilled My Beer?
7. I'm Not Straight Edge


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Very Interesting!
Thank You!