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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Amebix-Arise! + Monolith

I've listened to crust punk for a long ass time and I've noticed that there tends to be two extremes...Excruciatingly slow, or blisteringly fast with nothing really in between. Amebix falls into the first category. The best way to describe them is either a really stoned Motorhead, or if Crass fucked Black Sabbath and Killing Joke while smoking a shitload of weed and dropping acid. Amebix innovated the genre of crust, more or less creating it, with the band Hellbastard naming the style "crust" in '86...I believe then it was called stenchcore...Truely a classic band that deserves all the credit they get. Sit back, pack a bowl and listen to your world cave in as Amebix penetrates your ear cavity...Enjoy!


1. The Moor
2. Axeman
3. Fear Of God
4. Largactyl
5. Drink And Be Merry
6. Spoils Of Victory
7. Arise
8. Slave
9. The Darkest Hour



1. Monolith
2. Nobody's Driving
3. The Power Remains
4. Time Bomb
5. Last Will And Testament
6. I.C.B.M.
7. Chain Reaction
8. Fallen From Grace
9. Coming Home



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sasha said...

thx for amebix,link for `monolith` is dead