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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disfear-Live The Storm

By inserting the "Dis" prefix in front of any word, playing recycled Discharge riffs with a repetitious and simple drum beat, while belting out random slogans, you can form your very own D-beat band. It isn't rocket science and we need more Discharge clones like we need holes in the ozone. Still, there is something admirable about D-beat and when I figure it out, I'll get back to you...There has to be some primeval instinct drawing me to this particularly juvenile sector of punk. It has to be embedded somewhere in my blood or on the thousands of studs that grace the back of my leather...Fuck...I don't know whay I like it...

Here we have Disfear, which features Tomas Lindberg from the Swedish death metal band known as At The Gates. I know the draw here isn't anything groundbreaking in the musical or lyrical department, but maybe it's from the sheer brutality of of the music that Disfear makes. This album leaves me wondering...Why the fuck are the Swedes' so fucking angry? Why is every genre of extreme music the Swedes' play more extreme than anyone elses'? Are they just insecure? Do they have small dicks? Do they have anger issues in general? Why does Steve Martin never look older? Nevermind, fuck the psychology of it. Here's Disfear...Enjoy!

Disfear-Live The Storm:

1. Get It Off
2. Fiery Father
3. Deadweight
4. The Cage
5. The Furnace
6. Live The Storm
7. Testament
8. The Exodus
9. Maps Of War
10. Phantom


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