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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Subhumans (UK)-EP LP

Here's the other Subhumans, the more well known of the two bands with the same name. They are overrated in my opinion (but still great)...Nevermind, my opinion means shit...Here's "EP LP", a collection of their first four EPs. This is probably the only UK Subhumans album anyone really needs to own. Seriously, all their best songs occupy the tracklist (Minus "No" and "Mickey Mouse Is Dead"...Use Limewire for those two). These time honored Christian songs of praise, such as "Religious Wars", "Reason For Existence", "Society" and "Peroxide" will be passed down from generation to generation and inspire joy for many years to come. Check it out.

Subhumans (UK)-EP LP:

1. Parasites
2. Drugs Of Youth
3. Animal
4. Society
5. Who's Gonna Fight In The Third World War?
6. Human Error
7. Big City
8. Peroxide
9. Reason For Existence
10. Cancer
11. Religious Wars
12. Love Is...
13. Its Gonna Get Worse
14. Work Experience
15. Evolution
16. So Much Money
17. Germ
18. Not Me
19. Untitled


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