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Friday, October 2, 2009

Kent Brockman-Crustcoreviolence EP

Kent Brockman is a defunct hardcore band from Germany, but if you really want to be a dick about it, then you could call them a defunct crust punk/power violence/grind band from Germany. That works, but I'm not gonna be dick about it today...It's fucking hardcore...Just really really fast hardcore. You could also just call it fucking good...

This album kicks ass...If you dig fast shit, then this is for you...Enjoy!

Kent Brockman-Crustcoreviolence EP:

1. Righteous Bastards
2. Zeichen Der Zeit
3. Not My Way
4. Verstand
5. Financial Wealth
6. Choice
7. A Fact You Cant Ignore
8. Smooth Talker
9. Still Not Punk Enough?
10. Four
11. Legal For Yourself
12. Not Even Better
13. Problems


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