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Friday, October 2, 2009

False Freedom-Molotov EP + Up Your Ass Tony EP

False Freedom is a punk band from Northern California (Sonora) that I have booked for shows on numerous occasions. The first time I met the band was at a show in Apple Valley years back and then I booked them for a house party at my place. That house party was the shit. I got insanely fucked up and their drummer Kell laid down my first ink. Unfortunately, I passed out...So I'm forever scarred with half the Battalion Of Saints logo on my upper right arm (which I refuse to finish or cover up, for memory's sake)...

My next experience with them was back in 2006, when I asked them to play a Battalion Of Saints show in Victorville at the Trilogy with Naked Aggression, Spitting On Cops, Dirtbag, and a shitload more (It was a 12+ hour show). Kell got into shit with the security guard and the guard chased him out to my truck. The guard threw a fucking boulder through my widow and kicked a dent into my truck when Kell jumped in. It was over some bullshit though and all Kell owes me is a tattoo the next time I see him...Just kidding...I still correspond with Bert, their bassist on occasion...But I have no idea as to the activity of the band.

The albums here, which I have no art for, were released on Stungun Records. Fuck, I'm not even sure the names of the albums...All I know, is that it's punk rock at it's finest...Raw, shitty and loud. Enjoy!

False Freedom-Molotov EP:

1. Molotov
2. Mr. Bones
3. Police 'B' Gone

False Freedom-Up Your Ass Tony EP:

1. Mr. Bones
2. The Fuzz/Dead Cities (Exploited Cover)
3. F.U.C.K.

Download both albums in one .RAR file

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