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Sunday, October 11, 2009

K.I.L.-Time For Revolution

Here's a badass band that you should listen to and then go see and then buy their record...

Here's what their bio says on Interpunk:

"We are a punk/ska band out the ashes of the slums of Victorville CA. we are against everything that blocks out our ability to think for our selves (including cops....)We have been playing shows for about 2 years and have played with bands like The Adicts, Tsol, Smut Peddlers,Agent Orange, ect.we have songs about drinkin, fightin, and the never ending battle to kill the people that hold ya down."

K.I.L. kicks ass. Check them out and always...Enjoy!

K.I.L.-Time For Revolution:

1. Army Trucks
2. American Dream
3. Drinking Beer
4. Dropout
5. Loaded Gun
6. Mohawk Revolution
7. The Underground
8. 8 To 80
9. Killdozer
10. Last Call
11. Through Today
12. 9 Month Ride Home
13. Outro



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pretty good!

Vero said...

please fix this link!! tnx!!