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Include a link to your shit and don't be a fag, you fucking faggot. Eat a dick. Lick on these testicles. I wanna anally inseminate Miles Ellerbeck (this will probably be here a year or two before he sees it...Love you bro). Also open yourself up to constructive criticism. I'll bluntly tell you it sucks and give the world a link to see just how bad it sucks. I am mimicking the stream of conscious asshole blogger speech now. Fuck you and eat several more dicks.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Crossover

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Crossover:

1. The Five Year Plan
2. Tear It Down
3. A Coffin
4. Probation
5. I.D.K.Y.
6. Decisions
7. Hooked
8. Go Die
9. Redline
10. No Religion
11. Fun And Games
12. Oblivion


Capitalist Casualties-Subdivisions In Ruin

This album is so fast it prematurely ejaculates it's seed into your anus faster than the speed of D.R.I.'s first album. Best way to describe Capitalist Casualties: Fast. Second best way: Politically charged Power Violence. Third: It's Power Violence, so you know it's really fucking fast. In fact, it's so fast, it's over. Enjoy!

Capitalist Casualties-Subdivisions In Ruin:

1. Antiquated Decorum
2. Litigation
3. Peccancy
4. Safety Standards
5. A Borrowed Latter
6. Government Clean-Up Plan
7. Polar Desert/Knife Hit
8. Missing Spokes
9. Millennium Bug
10. Wreckage Unknown
11. Friends Go Down
12. Holocaust Money
13. Gig Violence
14. Exterminiation Through Labor
15. Addiction To Petroleum
16. Border Murders
17. Public Mistrust
18. Modern Schools
19. Criminal Element
20. Storms Somewhere/Spare Parts


Monday, March 30, 2009

Snoop Doggy Dogg-Doggystyle

Snoop Doggy Dogg-Doggystyle:

1. Bathtub
2. G Funk Intro
3. Gin And Juice
4. W Balls
5. Tha Shiznit
6. Interlude
7. Lodi Dodi
8. Murder Was The Case
9. Serial Killa
10. Who Am I (What's My Name)?
11. For All My Niggaz & Bitches
12. Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)
13. Interlude
14. Doggy Dogg World
15. Interlude
16. Gz And Hustlas
17. Interlude
18. Pump Pump


Dr. Dre-The Chronic

Dr. Dre-The Chronic:

1. The Chronic
2. Dre Day
3. Let Me Ride
4. The Day The Niggaz Took Over
5. Nuthin' But A G Thang
6. Deeez Nuts
7. Lil' Ghetto Boy
8. A Nigga Wit A Gun
9. Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat
10. The $20 Sack Pyramid
11. Lyrical Gangbang
12. High Powered
13. The Doctor's Office
14. Stranded On Death Row
15. The Roach
16. Bitches Ain't Shit


Deicide-Scars Of The Crucifix

I haven't really posted anything purely death metal here yet. Sure, I've posted some grindcore and some crust...Both of which can come close in sound and overall atmosphere, but really hold nothing when it comes to the precision and skill required to play death metal. While I am not a huge fan of death metal, I like my thrash way more, I do like Deicide. I think it's their subject matter that really draws me in here. Myself, being the good Christian I am, will blast this shit in the church parking lot next time someone drags me there. Fuckin' shit fuck and cunt. Here's some Decide.

Deicide-Scars Of The Crucifix:

1. Scars Of The Crucifix
2. Mad At God
3. Conquered By Sodom
4. Fuck Your God
5. When Heaven Burns
6. Enchanted Nightmare
7. From Darkness Come
8. Go Now Your Lord Is Dead
9. The Pentecostal
10. Scars Of The Crucifix (No Solo)
11. The Pentecostal (Instrumental)


Special Duties-77 In 82

Special Duties-77 In 82:

1. Too Much Talking
2. Government Policies
3. Britain in '81
4. Colchester Council
5. Rise And Fight
6. Violent Youth
7. First Time
8. Distorted Truth
9. Depression
10. It Ain't Our Fault
11. There'll Be No Tomorrow
12. Violent Society
13. CND
14. They Don't Care About Me
15. Delayed Reaction
16. Rondelet Control


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Subhumans (UK)-EP LP

Here's the other Subhumans, the more well known of the two bands with the same name. They are overrated in my opinion (but still great)...Nevermind, my opinion means shit...Here's "EP LP", a collection of their first four EPs. This is probably the only UK Subhumans album anyone really needs to own. Seriously, all their best songs occupy the tracklist (Minus "No" and "Mickey Mouse Is Dead"...Use Limewire for those two). These time honored Christian songs of praise, such as "Religious Wars", "Reason For Existence", "Society" and "Peroxide" will be passed down from generation to generation and inspire joy for many years to come. Check it out.

Subhumans (UK)-EP LP:

1. Parasites
2. Drugs Of Youth
3. Animal
4. Society
5. Who's Gonna Fight In The Third World War?
6. Human Error
7. Big City
8. Peroxide
9. Reason For Existence
10. Cancer
11. Religious Wars
12. Love Is...
13. Its Gonna Get Worse
14. Work Experience
15. Evolution
16. So Much Money
17. Germ
18. Not Me
19. Untitled


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disfear-Live The Storm

By inserting the "Dis" prefix in front of any word, playing recycled Discharge riffs with a repetitious and simple drum beat, while belting out random slogans, you can form your very own D-beat band. It isn't rocket science and we need more Discharge clones like we need holes in the ozone. Still, there is something admirable about D-beat and when I figure it out, I'll get back to you...There has to be some primeval instinct drawing me to this particularly juvenile sector of punk. It has to be embedded somewhere in my blood or on the thousands of studs that grace the back of my leather...Fuck...I don't know whay I like it...

Here we have Disfear, which features Tomas Lindberg from the Swedish death metal band known as At The Gates. I know the draw here isn't anything groundbreaking in the musical or lyrical department, but maybe it's from the sheer brutality of of the music that Disfear makes. This album leaves me wondering...Why the fuck are the Swedes' so fucking angry? Why is every genre of extreme music the Swedes' play more extreme than anyone elses'? Are they just insecure? Do they have small dicks? Do they have anger issues in general? Why does Steve Martin never look older? Nevermind, fuck the psychology of it. Here's Disfear...Enjoy!

Disfear-Live The Storm:

1. Get It Off
2. Fiery Father
3. Deadweight
4. The Cage
5. The Furnace
6. Live The Storm
7. Testament
8. The Exodus
9. Maps Of War
10. Phantom


Amebix-Arise! + Monolith

I've listened to crust punk for a long ass time and I've noticed that there tends to be two extremes...Excruciatingly slow, or blisteringly fast with nothing really in between. Amebix falls into the first category. The best way to describe them is either a really stoned Motorhead, or if Crass fucked Black Sabbath and Killing Joke while smoking a shitload of weed and dropping acid. Amebix innovated the genre of crust, more or less creating it, with the band Hellbastard naming the style "crust" in '86...I believe then it was called stenchcore...Truely a classic band that deserves all the credit they get. Sit back, pack a bowl and listen to your world cave in as Amebix penetrates your ear cavity...Enjoy!


1. The Moor
2. Axeman
3. Fear Of God
4. Largactyl
5. Drink And Be Merry
6. Spoils Of Victory
7. Arise
8. Slave
9. The Darkest Hour



1. Monolith
2. Nobody's Driving
3. The Power Remains
4. Time Bomb
5. Last Will And Testament
6. I.C.B.M.
7. Chain Reaction
8. Fallen From Grace
9. Coming Home


Friday, March 27, 2009

Subhumans (Canada)-Pissed Off...With Good Reason!

While I am a fan of both the Canadian Subhumans and the British Subhumans, the Canadian band is better. Just throwing that out. I love Canadian punk and hardcore like DOA and Dayglo Abortions, off the top of my head anyway...I can think of more, I just don't like thinking. Well, without further adieu, here's the musically superior of the two bands with the same name, our neighbors to the north, The Subhumans...From Canada...Eh, what am I talking aboot? Fuck, I love stereotypes...Enjoy!

Subhumans (Canada)-Pissed Off...With Good Reason!:

1. Death To The Sickoids
2. Inquisition Day
3. Dead At Birth
4. Slave To My Dick
5. Look At The Dawn
6. America Commits Suicide
7. Out Of Line
8. Urban Geurillas
9. Out Of Place (live)
10. Death Was Too Kind
11. No Productivity
12. We're Alive
13. Googleplex
14. Pissed Off With Good Reason
15. Fuck You
16. I Hate Words (live)
17. Canada's Favourite Sport (live)
18. The Big Picture (live)
19. I Gotta Move (live)
20. Escalator To Hell (live)


Walk Proud-R.I.P

I found this record at a thrift store in Lakewood for 2 dollars, but my record player was broken, so I couldn't listen to it...I'm gonna make a song out of that...Since I didn't have my record player, I did a quick Google search, which brought me to the site "Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes?: Out Of Print Punk" and they had the album to download. I downloaded it, loved it and now I'm gonna re-post their link...A big thanks goes out to them.

All I really know about Walk Proud is that they are from Norwalk, Ca. and make pretty fucking decent hardcore punk. I'm pretty sure they are still active because their Myspace has booking information...This recording is a must-fucking-have for pretty much everyone...Enjoy!

Walk Proud-R.I.P:

1. Rip!
2. Valuable Life
3. Can't Stop Now
4. Let Me Know
5. Missing Out
6. Tormented Children
7. Shred!
8. It's Too Late
9. Chance
10. First Impression


Check out their original post here. They also have the "Be Yourself" EP for download.

Joyful Sounds-Debut Full Length

Joyful Sounds' kick ass. They have opted to release their first full-length completely free to download because they are, as Vultch from One Life 2 Liver put it, "broke". You might remember that I posted their first demo here a while ago, so also check that out as well. It's not every day that a great band decides to release a great album free of charge, so get to it and download it already. You will not be disappointed with your decision and your measly existence depends on hearing this finely crafted masterpiece of hardcore punk...So...FUCKING ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Joyful Sounds-Debut Full Length (Click picture to download):


Brain Constipation Records

Lyrics Sheet (Click for full-size):

Broken Bones-Complete Singles

Broken Bones-Complete Singles:

1. Crucifix
2. I.O.U.
3. Fight the Good Fight
4. Decapitated
5. Problem
6. Liquidated Brains
7. Seeing Thru My Eyes
8. It's Like
9. Point of Agony
10. Death Is Imminent
11. Decapitated, Pt. 2
12. Never Say Die
13. 10, 5 or a Dime
14. Gotta Get Out of Here
15. Who's to Blame
16. Teenage Kamikaze
17. Stand Up
18. City Fodder


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Exploited-The Singles

Before The Casual Ties came along, rallying the PUNX with their ever so important "oi oi oi, Up the PunX" bullshit, there was that asshole Wattie. His band, The Exploited are the epitome of stupid street punk before Jorge raped his ass. This is a pretty decent collection of early Exploited material, before their crossover into sub par thrash metal. Completely lacking intellect and musical ability, The Exploited have, to me anyways, made music that was fun to listen to without requiring a PHD is sociology and political science to understand that Wattie was angry about everything. So, here's Wattie and the crew...Enjoy!

The Exploited-The Singles:

1. Army Life
2. The Mods
3. Crashed Out
4. Exploited Barmy Army
5. I Believe In Anarchy
6. What You Gonna Do?
7. Dogs Of War
8. Blown To Bits (live)
9. Dead Cities
10. Hitler's In The Charts Again
11. Class War
12. S.P.G. (live)
13. Cop Cars (live)
14. Y.O.P.
15. Attack
16. Alternative
17. Troops Of Tomorrow
18. Computers Don't Blunder
19. Addiction
20. Rival Leaders
21. Army Style
22. Singalongabushell
23. Punks Not Dead (live)
24. Sex And Violence (live)
25. Dole Q (live)
26. Out Of Control (live)


Monday, March 23, 2009

Chaotic Dischord-Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You + Don't Throw It All Away

Chaotic Dischord was formed by members of Vice Squad and some Vice Squad roadies in 1981. They play pissed off, angry music that is critical of pretty much everything and everyone. This is their 1983 full length, "Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You" paired with their 1984 12" EP, "Don't Throw It All Away". This some good shit for fans of UK punk or fans of angry, pissed off music...Everything that is good is angry and/or pissed off...Did I mention, it's literally really shitty and was never meant to be taken seriously...Enjoy!

Chaotic Dischord-Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You + Don't Throw It All Away:

1. Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You!
2. Punk Aggression
3. City Claustrophobia
4. Boy Bill
5. Wild Mohicans (For Wattie)
6. S.O.A.H.C.
7. Sound Of Music
8. Cider -N- Dogs
9. Destroy Peace -N- Freedom
10. Boring Bastards
11. Shadow
12. Anti-Christ
13. '77 in 82 (What's It Got To Do With You)
14. And There Wuz Cows
15. Alternative Culture
16. Loud, Tuneless -N- Thick (Ugly's Too Good For You)
17. Great Rock And Roll Swindle
18. Don't Throw It All Away
19. Stab Your Back
20. Sausage, Beans and Chips
21. Who Killed ET? (I Killed The Fucker)
22. 22 Hole Doc. Martens
23. Anarchy In Woolworths
24. Batcave Benders Meet The Alien Durex Machine


Friday, March 20, 2009

Phelan's Phynest-Demo

Phelan's Phynest-Demo:

1. Phelan So Fresh
2. Love Song
3. Drunk Tonight
4. Fuck 'Em Up
5. Good Times
6. Knock Your Ass Out
7. Family Guy Beat
8. London's Rap
9. Taz's Freestyle


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chaotic Mess-Demo

I'm stealing this directly from Vultch at One Life 2 Liver. What we have here is very pissed off hardcore punk that I will refer to as "Fuck You Music". It's fast, short and makes it's point, with it's longest song being 1:21 long...Enjoy!

Chaotic Mess-Demo:

1. Bloody Period Sex
2. Troy Song
3. Box With A Line
4. Fuck Religion
5. Poser
6. Bloody Fetus In The Toilet
7. Sixteen
8. Esco Trash Chaotic Mess
9. Fuck You Fat Bitch


Discharge-1977 Demo

Before Discharge became one of the most copied and blatantly plagiarized bands, they ripped off The Sex Pistols...Every track on their first demo sounds like a second rate Sex Pistols' song. It's of really poor quality in all aspects and isn't really worth a listen...Unless you hate music...Like me...Never mind that, it's just not worth a listen...It fucking sucks. This was recorded before Cal joined and this demo has Johnny Rotten's inbred retard brother on vocals...The only redeeming quality is that I think it's slightly better than when Cal decided to sound like the guy from AC/DC The Sequel. Why am I posting it if I hate it so much? Well, I had a dream and Jesus told me to. Fuck you all. Assholes.

Discharge-1977 Demo:

1. I Don't Care
2. Sweet Suburban Dreams
3. Living In The City
4. Acne
5. Dead Babies
6. Pigs
7. Under My Feet
8. No Time For Romance
9. No Future


Monday, March 16, 2009

Anarchy 6-Hardcore Lives

Here is a very obscure band...Obscure as in I can't find out any information on them. I do know they are from So-Cal and members were in Sin 34. I have no idea when this gem of a steaming pile of shit was recorded or released...Any details would be appreciated. What I can say is that I appreciate what this album is representative of. That is, fast hardcore that is critical of everything, oftentimes without a point really. This is simultaneously shit and "the shit". The stolen riffs, ridiculous intros, the almighty "don't give a fuck" attitude, stupidity, humor and a really bad hip-hop song make this one of my favorite hardcore punk albums...So enjoy!

Anarchy 6-Hardcore Lives:

1. Old Punks
2. Attitude
3. Unite And Fight
4. Suburban Jail
5. Drugs Arent Great
6. Victims Of The Government
7. Living In Society
8. New Age Old Lie
9. Third World Vacation
10. Skate And Destroy
11. Negative Threat
12. Crackwagon
13. Next Stop Nowhere
14. Babylon Rules
15. Look Fast(To Be Fast)
16. (See You) In The Pit
17. Slam, Spit, Cut Your Hair, Kill Your Mom


AC/DC-Going Dutch

AC/DC-Going Dutch:

1. Live Wire
2. Problem Child
3. Sin City
4. Gone Shooting
5. High Voltage
6. The Jack
7. Whole Lotta Rosie
8. Rocker
9. Rock 'n' Roll Damnation
10. Let There Be Rock
11. Shot Down in Flames
12. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
13. Sin City
14. Walk All Over You
15. Highway to Hell

Download 1

Download 2

*Important: You need to use HJsplit to join the two files first and then use WinRAR to extract the files.

Henry Rollins And The Hard-Ons-Let There Be Rock

Henry Rollins And The Hard-Ons-Let There Be Rock:

1. Let There Be Rock
2. Carry Me Down


Rumble Militia-They Give You The Blessing

Rumble Militia-They Give You The Blessing:

1. The Church Cries
2. No Promises To No-one
3. No Nazis
4. The Return Of The Commercial Bastards
5. A.M.F.
6. The Earth Is Turning Red
7. Genocide
8. Is This The Reason?
9. Can't Understand
10. Mirror Of Fortune
11. Unnamed


Friday, March 13, 2009

Duckmandu-Fresh Duck For Rotting Accordionists:

File this under "What the fuck?". This is essentially a tribute to/re-recording of the Dead Kennedys' first album, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables with an accordionist who sounds like Jello Biafra a little bit. It's good for a laugh or two. Also included are some accordion renditions of D.R.I., Black Flag, Minutemen and Devo songs. I thouroughly enjoyed this album...I don't know why...But I did. Enjoy!

Duckmandu-Fresh Duck For Rotting Accordionists:

1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Richard Strauss)
2. Kill The Poor (Dead Kennedys)
3. Forward To Death (Dead Kennedys)
4. When Ya Get Drafted (Dead Kennedys)
5. Let's Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys)
6. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys)
7. Your Emotions (Dead Kennedys)
8. Chemical Warfare (Dead Kennedys)
9. California Über Alles (Dead Kennedys)
10. I Kill Children (Dead Kennedys)
11. Stealing Peoples' Mail (Dead Kennedys)
12. Funland At The Beach (Dead Kennedys)
13. I'll In The Head (Dead Kennedys)
14. Holiday In Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)
15. Jesus And Tequila (Minutemen)
16. Commuter Man (D.R.I.)
17. Police Story (Black Flag)
18. Uninspired (Aaron Seeman)
19. Girl U Want (Devo)
20. Moon Over Marin (Jello Biafra)
21. Polka Sprach Zarathustra
22. Cellofornia Über Alles (Bonus)
23. Goodbye Get out!

Download 1

Download 2

*Important: You need to use HJsplit to join the two files first and then use WinRAR to extract the files.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Asmereir-3 Albums

This Asmereir from Peru. They play punk, hardcore, ska, reggae, thrashcore and everything in between. Easily one of the most musically interesting bands that I've heard in a long time...I literally can't understand what they're saying because I don't speak Spanish or whatever they fucking speak...Fuck. Check it out and enjoy!

Asmereir-Musica Inmortal

1. Gente Ganya People Music
2. Fijacion
3. Pensando
4. Conductor Auxiliar Quemado
5. Salvaje
6. Respuesta
7. Me Comi Unos Hongos Por La Noche
8. Nos Une el Ska
9. No Entienden
10. No Quiero Sentir
11. Vendido
12. Ganyifay
13. Alcatraz (Los Saicos)
14. Baggy Jeans


Asmereir-Furia Reciclada

1. Un Cambio Más
2. Trauma Depresiva
3. Rebotara Contra Ti
4. Seguir Adelante
5. Floro De Mark
6. Nada Nadie
7. Sentido Insentido
8. Furia Reciclada
9. Gente Ganya
10. Surfer
11. Porqué No Reventar
12. Dejado Solo
13. Floro De Cesar
14. Racista
15. Borracho
16. Falta De Conciencia
17. Destruir
18. Dub Style


Asmereir-Tan Solo Por La Pasion

1. Nada Nadie
2. Racista
3. Gobierno y Mafia
4. Felizidad
5. Degeneracion
6. Burbuja
7. Despierta
8. Porque No Reventar
9. Nunca Me Tocaras
10. Telefono
11. Surfer
12. Distorcion
13. Hazlo Tu
14. Locomotion
15. Seguir Adelante
16. Dejado Solo
17. Sin Dolor
18. Leccion De Hoy
19. No Puedo Escuchar
20. Implante
21. Miro a Todos Lados
22. Fuera
23. No Puedo Hablar
24. Ete Conche
25. Gritos En Las Paredes
26. Destruir
27. Falta De Conciencia


Friday, March 6, 2009

Agnostic Front-To Be Continued

Here is a greatest hits compilation of one of my favorite bands, Agnostic Front. Enjoy!

Agnostic Front-To Be Continued:

1. Victim In Pain
2. Your Mistake
3. Hypocrisy
4. New Jack
5. Liberty & Justice
6. Time Will Come
7. Power
8. Society Sucker
9. Toxic Shock
10. Public Assistance
11. Blind Justice
12. The Eliminator
13. One Voice
14. Crucified
15. United And Strong
16. Your Mistake
17. Fascist Attitudes (Live)
18. Anthem (Live)
19. Last Warning (Live)