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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery Disasters

This pretty much rounds up every official (as in: with Jello's consent) Dead Kennedys release apart from the live album, "A Skateboard Party", which I sadly do not have. As far as sophomore full-lengths go, they are always hit and miss for bands that released a landmark record. In the fans' skewed minds, it inevitably falls short of any and all expectations that are built up in their sick little one track minds that overflow with elitist nonsense..."Plastic Surgery Disasters" is definitely on par with "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables". In my sick little one track mind, I conclude that this album works because it's not too far off the fucking wall and a musical mindfuck (i.e. "Frankenchrist") that it could inspire resentment towards the band. They pretty much followed with an extension, rather that a successor and this is definitely a reason why this album succeeds. The DK's usual flirtations with surf rock, jazz and twisted sounding guitar fills are present and in abundance here. This record is the missing link to the shit that they came out with later...It just doesn't fuck with you as badly. I can view it as both "Fresh Fruit 2" and "Son Of Frankenchrist". That's fair to say. As I usually say, in most of my posts: ENJOY!

Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery Disasters:

1. Advice From Christmas Past
2. Government Flu
3. Terminal Preppie
4. Trust Your Mechanic
5. Well Paid Scientist
6. Buzzbomb
7. Forrest Fire
8. Halloween
9. Winnebago Warrior
10. Riot
11. Bleed For Me
12. I Am The Owl
13. Dead End
14. Moon Over Marin


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