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Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.K.L.-Keep Laughing

I'm leaving for 4 days...Going to Needles. It's gonna be fun in the sun on the river in 110 degree heat. I'm pretty pale, so when I come back, I'll be crispy and red. So, this will be the last post until I get back...

Rich Kids On LSD kick serious ass. I didn't start really listening to them until recently and when you start on "Reactivate" you can automatically develop a distaste for the band...Luckily I pushed my prejudices aside and checked out "Keep Laughing". It's about a million times better. These songs are fairly easy to like if you like Agression or Ill Repute, as Nardcore has a particular sound that is in strides here. It's difficult manifesting any favoritism on this album, but if I really had to, the song that stands out the most would definitely be "Life In A Bottle". Check out R.K.L. ENJOY!

R.K.L.-Keep Laughing:

1. Think Positive
2. Ded Teds
3. Life In A Bottle
4. Feelings Of Hate
5. Life's A Gamble
6. Beautiful Feeling II
7. Pothead
8. Senseless Violence
9. Unborn Child
10. Love To Hate
11. Passing Time