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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Heretix-Everything So Far...

I've been trying to get this album from my friend Taylor (who's the guitarist) for a long ass time. Finally, he delivered on my request to freely share his band's music...So I will...

The Heretix are from Hesperia, Ca. and pretty much play what is called "street punk"...It's dumb, it's energetic and I seriously doubt any of them were over 16 when they recorded this (which does explain some things). I always enjoyed the band, from their early days as a Misfits' cover band all the way til now. In summation, they're just a fun band. Check them out...Enjoy!

The Heretix-Everything So Far...:

1. Static Rat (OG Demo)
2. Punks & Skins
3. Static Rat
4. Radioactive Sluts
5. Rise & Rebel
6. Law & Disorder
7. Working Class
8. Big Women (GBH Cover)
9. Emo Army (Fuck Off)
10. Punks In The City
11. Riot!
12. Filler (Minor Threat Cover)
13. Anarchy's Dead
14. Instrumental
15. Minor Threat's Filler


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that "instrumental" is actually us covering a No Justic3 song "Fuck Despotism" lol

-Taylor, the guitarist