I will post damn near anything for local bands who want to get their music out there, so email me at:


Include a link to your shit and don't be a fag, you fucking faggot. Eat a dick. Lick on these testicles. I wanna anally inseminate Miles Ellerbeck (this will probably be here a year or two before he sees it...Love you bro). Also open yourself up to constructive criticism. I'll bluntly tell you it sucks and give the world a link to see just how bad it sucks. I am mimicking the stream of conscious asshole blogger speech now. Fuck you and eat several more dicks.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter

I just listened to this album for the very first time yesterday. Having loved "You Are The Victim" (despite the band's and some fans dislike for it), it's pretty safe to say I like this one a whole hell of a lot more. Everything I loved about the former is here...Just a lot cleaner and clearer in every way...

A way to look at it is for instance, when you compare D.R.I.'s "Dirty Rotten LP" to "Dealing With It". Both albums share a lot songs, but the recording quality is shit on the former and they hadn't reached the level of musical proficiency displayed on the latter. It's really the same kind of deal with Raw Power. "Screams From The Gutter" is far superior for those reasons. To those who haven't heard Raw Power, they play Hardcore punk with numerous metal flirtations here and there and basically all throughout. As generic as a description as that is, I can't really call it crossover, cause it's really more of a hardcore album, but it's kinda crossover still. It just kicks ass.

All I can say is to check this one out and also do give "You Are The Victim" a chance. Thanks to the anonymous posters who told me to check this one out. I wasn't disappointed. Now I share with the world...Or to whoever is kind enough to pay this blog a visit. Enjoy!

Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter:

1. State Oppression
2. Joe's The Best
3. Bastard
4. A Certain Kind Of Killer
5. Army
6. My Boss
7. No Card
8. Power
9. Start A Fight
10. Don't Let Me See It
11. Hate
12. Raw Power
13. Our Oppression
14. We're All Gonna Die
15. Police, Police
16. Nihilist
17. Politicians


There Is A God!

And he killed Michael Jackson! Hallelujah!

To celebrate, here's some jokes...

In his will, Michael Jackson stated that he wanted his ashes to be put inside an etcha'sketch so little kids can still play with his knob.

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and acne? Acne doesn't cum on your face until your 13 but Michael Jackson does it at 6

Since there's so much plastic in Michael Jackson's body that he cannot be cremated. So they're going to recycle him into plastic bags. So actually he´s still dangerous to children

Elton John has been invited to the funeral to sing. He will be sing "Don't Let Your Son Go Down on Me!"

Before Farah Fawcett died, she was given one wish. She wished for all children to be safe. Then Michael Jackson died.

What's the difference between Farrah and Michael? Farrah was a pinup girl above young boys bed, Michael pinned down young boys on their beds.

I heard Michael Jackson died of food poisoning. Yeah, they found 8-year-old nuts in his mouth.

There's so much plastic in Michael Jackson's body that he cannot be cremated. So they're going to recycle him into Lego, so that children can play with him, for a change.

MICHAEL JACKSON is much like an XBOX 360..... Both are made of plastic Both are turned on by children BOTH DIE YOUNG

What's black and white and red all over? Michael Jackson's dick at a Cub Scout camp.


Q: What were M.J.'s last words to the ambulance driver? A: Take me to the Children's Hospital

President Obama has just ordered all little boys to fly their pants at half-mast in honor of Michael Jackson.

Q. Why did Michael Jackson love twenty nine year olds? A. Because there were twenty of them

Michael Jackson hasn't been this stiff since Macaulay Culkin stayed for the weekend.

Whats the difference between MJ and Disney films?? Disney films still touch children

More posts coming tomorrow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.K.L.-Keep Laughing

I'm leaving for 4 days...Going to Needles. It's gonna be fun in the sun on the river in 110 degree heat. I'm pretty pale, so when I come back, I'll be crispy and red. So, this will be the last post until I get back...

Rich Kids On LSD kick serious ass. I didn't start really listening to them until recently and when you start on "Reactivate" you can automatically develop a distaste for the band...Luckily I pushed my prejudices aside and checked out "Keep Laughing". It's about a million times better. These songs are fairly easy to like if you like Agression or Ill Repute, as Nardcore has a particular sound that is in strides here. It's difficult manifesting any favoritism on this album, but if I really had to, the song that stands out the most would definitely be "Life In A Bottle". Check out R.K.L. ENJOY!

R.K.L.-Keep Laughing:

1. Think Positive
2. Ded Teds
3. Life In A Bottle
4. Feelings Of Hate
5. Life's A Gamble
6. Beautiful Feeling II
7. Pothead
8. Senseless Violence
9. Unborn Child
10. Love To Hate
11. Passing Time


Raw Power-You Are The Victim

Here's some Raw Power to get your underwear moist. For those who don't know, Raw Power is a pretty fucking decent hardcore band from Italy that formed in 1981. This recording was first issued in 1983 and has enjoyed a moderate sized following since. More people need to take the time and check these guys out. My favorite tracks on this little nugget of hardcore gold are "Raw Power", "Hate" and "You Are The Victim", but not a single song is worthless. It's all "raw" and it all holds some kind of "power". It's some good shit. Enjoy!

Raw Power-You Are The Victim:

1. Politicians
2. Police, Police
3. Corrosive Water
4. Raw Power
5. Burning Factory
6. Hate
7. State Oppression
8. Don't Let Me See It
9. You Are The Victim
10. Repression
11. No Card
12. Death Seller
13. Power
14. Nihilist


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Black Flag-The First Four Years

As far as the Flag's full length offerings, "Damaged", their first full length, is sadly the only full length that really holds up as a classic album...The rest is kinda...You know...Well, complete and utter dog shit crap metal that sucks rancid tuna salad out of Oprah Winfrey's little asshole friend, Gary...

"Damaged", as far as being considered a classic is arguably the best of the early LA hardcore scene. It's really a work of art. You could say angry eccentric abstract art, but still art. Really, in all honesty, The Flag is an EP band. Their 7" releases, to me, are worth their weight in gold. My first few listens had so much of an effect on me that I probably don't or refuse to recognize their flaws. If there are any, it's in the field of sound quality. Obvious to the untrained ear, it sounds like shit, but one conditioned on hardcore punk easily picks up on the sheer genius of it all.

Not being a record collector in the traditional sense (think Comic Book Guy obsessed with music), I refuse to ever pay the astronomical prices these pretentious assholes shell out just to get their filthy, shit stained hands onto a simple piece of prehistoric plant matter...Sure, that plant matter is shaped like a Frisbee and etched into it are songs that define the alienated youth subculture of punk rock...It's still fucking plant matter. Besides, move on, most of the great vinyl has been ripped and now freely stolen on the interweb. Fuck record collectors. I guess I don't get it fully. I have plenty of vinyl myself, I just don't seek it out like they do...My collection is steeped in happenstance so random it'd make Bozo fuck himself with a balloon animal (i.e. Thrift Stores in between the Pat Boone and Foreigner records). I guess the thrill is in the hunt or maybe it's in the hoarding. Not too sure...Instead of going through what they go through, I got this album, courtesy of the interweb.

On the other hand, I am an Mp3 collector. 43,445 on my Itunes. Boo YA bitches! Oh, and I share. Hence one reason I have this blog.

Now that I have written a couple paragraphs pertaining to the total absolute of nothingness, I guess I can say something relevant about Black Flag...

If there ever were a sampling of all the singers of The Flag, this would be it...Morris, Reyes, and Cadena all infiltrate your ear drums here...Minus Rollins. Was it Henry who ruined Black Flag? It's an often debated subject. Exclude "Damaged" from that debate and ask yourself if it really sounds like the band on this album. Exclude Henry from Black Flag and you'd have Black Flag. It's Ginn's band anyways...The debate is officially over, go fuck yourselves!

Black Flag-The First Four Years:

1. Nervous Breakdown
2. Fix Me
3. I've Had It
4. Wasted
5. Jealous Again
6. Revenge
7. White Minority
8. No Values
9. You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!
10. Clocked In
11. Six Pack
12. I've Heard It Before
13. American Waste
14. Machine
15. Louie Louie
16. Damaged I


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What is there that really needs to be said about GWAR? It's fucking GWAR for fuck's sake. Still, I must attempt at finding something slightly interesting to say. So I will make my futile attempt...

"Hell-O!" is one of the, if not the least popular album they released. If you put it side by side with the rest of their discography it stands out as being the closest to hardcore punk or even crossover thrash. If you look past the makeup, the ridiculous costumes and the even dumber storyline that GWAR has cultivated, you have an album that could stand with some of the hardcore classics released a few years before. You just have to look closer than most do. Some songs are simultaneously directly and indirectly (mainly due to the band's gimmick) political, some are just straight up repulsive and some are, like the band, fucking ridiculous...

And on another side note...Those fat kids that like ICP, Slipknot or whatever gimmicky group they identify with (Because they're fat) should take up listening to GWAR, cause GWAR is cool. One other thing...GWAR would be ten times cooler if they took themselves seriously. Enjoy!


1. Time For Death
3. Americanized
4. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
5. Slutman City
6. World O Filth
7. War Toy
8. Captain Crunch
9. Pure As The Arctic Snow
10. Je M'Appelle J. Cousteau
11. GWAR Theme
12. Bone Meal
13. Ollie North
14. Techno's Song
15. U Aint Shit
16. Rock & Roll Party Town

Click On GWAR To Download:


Here's the album that exposed Sublime to the masses...Unfortunately, it was a posthumous release for the band, as Bradley Nowell succumbed to his addiction to heroin shortly before it's release. As Sublime's voice and primary songwriter, the band, as Sublime, could no longer be "Sublime"...The remaining members did play together in a couple of other mediocre bands that were no where near as good or as timeless as Sublime was. That is why I completely forgot the names of the other bands. And apparently, Sublime is back together with a new vocalist...In my opinion, it's pretty blasphemous to revive the band...Where's the backlash at?

When it comes to the band in question, there's a "love them or hate them" attitude and I fully acknowledge that some of the punk rock elite don't necessarily dig Sublime or consider them to be "punk" enough. To them, I say: "Fuck Off"...In the most literal sense of the term. I grew up on them, so maybe I'm a bit biased, but fuck it. This album is definitely the most mainstream release they have. Their other releases were more diverse and it can be implied that on those records, it was just a bunch of stoners jamming out whatever sounded kinda good and recording it. None of the other albums are really the most palatable to the average listener. Even "40oz.", their other more mainstream release, has an unpolished vibe to it. This record is clean. From the recording quality to the song structure, this is a radio-friendly album from start to finish. The box set and "Robbin' The Hood" on the other hand, are not...They sound like shit and are a true test, even for stated fans of the band.

The singles from this record have undoubtedly been beaten into your psyche if you have ever listened to any alternative rock radio station...And as a result, I hate "What I Got", the ska happy "Wrong Way" and "Santeria"...Some great songs on this album: "Same In The End", "April 29, 1992", "Seed", and "Paddle Out". The rest of the tracks are all decent as well. This record is well worth your time if you are a fan of Reggae, Ska, Punk and mass quantities of marijuana. Click "Download", light up a joint and blast this shit. Enjoy!


1. Garden Grove
2. What I Got
3. Wrong Way
4. Same In The End
5. April 29, 1992 (Miami)
6. Santeria
7. Seed
8. Jailhouse
9. Pawn Shop
10. Paddle Out
11. The Ballad Of Johnny Butt
12. Burritos
13. Under My Voodoo
14. Get Ready
15. Caress Me Down
16. What I Got (Reprise)
17. Doin' Time


Monday, June 22, 2009

Circle Jerks-Group Sex

14 songs in 15 minutes...Each song flows perfectly into each other (Yes, even on shuffle) and makes a major impression in the short amount of time that there is. It's rare for their to be a record where every song is good. Well, for the detractors, here's one that can't be argued. I have a difficult time picking between this one and Black Flag's "Damaged" when it comes to early LA hardcore...I guess it's this one, cause they got the tattoo...But when it comes to the Circle Jerks' entire output, I'm way more a fan of "Golden Shower Of Hits"...Enjoy!

Circle Jerks-Group Sex:

1. Deny Everything
2. I Just Want Some Skank
3. Beverly Hills
4. Operation
5. Back Against The Wall
6. Wasted
7. Behind The Door
8. World Up My Ass
9. Paid Vacation
10. Don't Care
11. Live Fast, Die Young
12. What's Your Problem
13. Group Sex
14. Red Tape


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shut The Hell Up-The Ball Gag EP

Maybe I should check my email more often...Luckily today, I did. I did it! I'm so proud of myself. I did something I should do everyday. After sorting through the spam and the offers from Craigslist users to buy my El Camino, I came across an email from someone named Craig Gunn who happens to be in a band. Whoopty fuckin do Craig...You're in a band...You think you deserve a medal or something? Now...That's what I would be saying if his band sucked...His band doesn't suck...It's quite good actually...They're called Shut The Hell Up...Something I should do...But not until I give a brutally honest review of the 4 track EP I was solicited...

Hailing from the land of the Tuatara (you know, that thing that looks exactly like a lizard, but is somehow not) is the band with the amazingly original name of "Shut The Hell Up"...Shockingly, they have a theme song by the same name. This is some seriously rocking punk rock 'n' roll that really owes a lot to UK punk from the early 80s. I'll be honest, I've heard these songs before, albeit with different titles and lyrics, but for some reason, hearing them again conjures up the good times I had not really giving a fuck. The great thing about this is record is that it's punk. Nothing else. The attitude and the musical style melt perfectly like Kraft Singles on Wonder Bread. Nothing too complex, just straight up simplicity in it's most barbaric state. I can dig it and I do in fact dig it. Give these New Zealanders a chance...Enjoy!

Shut The Hell Up-The Ball Gag EP:

1. Shut The Hell Up
2. Fashion Victims
3. Crazy Life
4. Get Outta My Way Or You're Gonna Die

Click The Tuatara (Seriously, how the fuck is this not a lizard?) To Download:

Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery Disasters

This pretty much rounds up every official (as in: with Jello's consent) Dead Kennedys release apart from the live album, "A Skateboard Party", which I sadly do not have. As far as sophomore full-lengths go, they are always hit and miss for bands that released a landmark record. In the fans' skewed minds, it inevitably falls short of any and all expectations that are built up in their sick little one track minds that overflow with elitist nonsense..."Plastic Surgery Disasters" is definitely on par with "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables". In my sick little one track mind, I conclude that this album works because it's not too far off the fucking wall and a musical mindfuck (i.e. "Frankenchrist") that it could inspire resentment towards the band. They pretty much followed with an extension, rather that a successor and this is definitely a reason why this album succeeds. The DK's usual flirtations with surf rock, jazz and twisted sounding guitar fills are present and in abundance here. This record is the missing link to the shit that they came out with later...It just doesn't fuck with you as badly. I can view it as both "Fresh Fruit 2" and "Son Of Frankenchrist". That's fair to say. As I usually say, in most of my posts: ENJOY!

Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery Disasters:

1. Advice From Christmas Past
2. Government Flu
3. Terminal Preppie
4. Trust Your Mechanic
5. Well Paid Scientist
6. Buzzbomb
7. Forrest Fire
8. Halloween
9. Winnebago Warrior
10. Riot
11. Bleed For Me
12. I Am The Owl
13. Dead End
14. Moon Over Marin


The Heretix-Everything So Far...

I've been trying to get this album from my friend Taylor (who's the guitarist) for a long ass time. Finally, he delivered on my request to freely share his band's music...So I will...

The Heretix are from Hesperia, Ca. and pretty much play what is called "street punk"...It's dumb, it's energetic and I seriously doubt any of them were over 16 when they recorded this (which does explain some things). I always enjoyed the band, from their early days as a Misfits' cover band all the way til now. In summation, they're just a fun band. Check them out...Enjoy!

The Heretix-Everything So Far...:

1. Static Rat (OG Demo)
2. Punks & Skins
3. Static Rat
4. Radioactive Sluts
5. Rise & Rebel
6. Law & Disorder
7. Working Class
8. Big Women (GBH Cover)
9. Emo Army (Fuck Off)
10. Punks In The City
11. Riot!
12. Filler (Minor Threat Cover)
13. Anarchy's Dead
14. Instrumental
15. Minor Threat's Filler


Friday, June 19, 2009

Dead Kennedys-In God We Trust Inc.

GENERIC FUCKING HARDCORE!!! But in that good sense. Whereas I didn't care as much for "Bedtime For Democracy" for being generic hardcore, I love "In God We Trust Inc." for what it is. Stripped down, to the point, badly recorded and confrontational, this is the EP that gave us the timeless punk classic, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off". The beauty here is that this record stands alone in their discography as being the most simplistic musical and lyrical offering. Aside from their jazz lounge re-imagining of "California Uber Alles", entitled "We've Got A Bigger Problem Now" and their cover of "Rawhide", any deviation from hardcore is absent. A great record, well worth your time. Enjoy!

Dead Kennedys-In God We Trust Inc.:

1. Religious Vommit
2. Moral Majority
3. Hyperactive Child
4. Kepone Factory
5. Dog Bite
6. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
7. We've Got A Bigger Problem Now
8. Rawhide


Dead Kennedys-Bedtime For Democracy

Yesterday I posted "Frankenchrist" and then I got a request from someone named "Anonymous" to post their final record, "Bedtime For Democracy"...In all honesty, the last two records are not my favorite. Look at it this way: "Frankenchrist" was an experiment and "Bedtime For Democracy" is both a return to form and also sees the Dead Kennedys falling into a mold. Aside from their "In God We Trust Inc." EP, this is their fastest offering. Almost every song sounds like your run of the mill generic hardcore punk, with the usual DK's deviations here and there...Just not so much. It's almost like the tensions in the band were mounting so quickly that they just decided to belt this one out as quickly as possible and call it a day. It's not poor by any means, but it has an almost unfinished vibe to it. I don't know that the Dead Kennedys really said all that needed to be said. It leaves you wanting more and although I was critical of "Frankenchrist" for being too long, this record could of really been a bit longer. The two longest songs, "Cesspools In Eden" and "Chickenshit Conformist" sound like the Dead Kennedys fully realized the approach they were taking on "Frankenchrist"...And both of those songs are welcome detours from the blatantly generic hardcore found here...And I like generic hardcore...Just not generic hardcore from one of the most non-generic hardcore bands ever. Of those generic hardcore songs, "Take This Job And Shove It", "Rambozo The Clown", "Triumph Of The Swill" and "Anarchy For Sale" are my favorites. The rest is either just barely good, sub-par or just plain old filler...And I hate filler.

Dead Kennedys-Bedtime For Democracy:

1. Take This Job And Shove It
2. Hop With The Jet Set
3. Dear Abby
4. Rambozo The Clown
5. Fleshdunce
6. The Great Wall
7. Shrink
8. Triumph Of The Swill
9. Macho Insecurity
10. I Spy
11. Cesspools In Eden
12. One-Way Ticket To Pluto
13. Do The Slag
14. A Commercial
15. Gone With My Wind
16. Anarchy For Sale
17. Chickenshit Conformist
18. Where Do Ya Draw The Line
19. Potshot Heard Round The World
20. D.M.S.O.
21. Lie Detector


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dead Kennedys-Frankenchrist

You know, 300 posts really isn't something to be excited over...The 301st is the one to drop you panties for. Sure, there are a lot of blogs out there on the interweb with way more posts than 301, but then again, those blogs have multiple contributors and have been around for a longer period of time. That simple fact further solidifies the indisputable fact that I have no fucking life and am blessed (or cursed, with both words being completely interchangeable) with too much goddamn time. You might notice that this blog has had times where there were multiple posts in one day, and also times where posts were separated by a month or more...Yet unlike many of the other "dead" blogs out there, I have never totally lost interest and have eventually returned. This blog will never sink into the abyss that is the interweb and be haunted by the dreaded dead links that piss off the innumerable music thief's that frequent Google for rare vinyl rips, new releases or just anything that looks like it'd be kinda good. As long as I hate music, I will post it here, for free, to any bastard, bitch, or son of a bitch who get their cheap, greedy mittens on. To the denizens of the internet: fuck off and lick on DEEZ NUTS! Fuck you. Here's some more Dead Kennedys...

Now to totally shift gears and give a brutally honest music review that won't be sugarcoated with my usual rhetoric, I present to you "Frankenchrist", possibly the best worst Dead Kennedys album. Not that the Dead Kennedys have released a bad record, they just have had plenty of bad songs and on this album and "Bedtime For Democracy" they seem to have them in higher concentration. One thing on "Frankenchrist" that does get to me is that some of the arrangements on some of the songs seem slapped together, kinda like a poorly planned sleeve tattoo..."MTV Get Off The Air" and "Jock O Rama" are probably the most guilty of this. The music here is very "experimental" and while I give them credit for breaking away from the traditional hardcore mold and incorporating musically progressive traits, it doesn't work all the time and we are left with some very poorly executed songs...I fucking hated "At My Job" and the aforementioned two for this reason. I am not going to vomit up anything even remotely critical of Jello's lyrics. He always delivers the same scathing remarks critical of both punk and politics (both ends, even though he's a liberal). He's always had a knack for calling everyone out on their bullshit with his satirical, nasally and borderline annoying vocals. To sum everything up: good album with some bad songs. Some songs drag on forever and could have benefited with some massive trimming. I always thought it would be cool to do a one off crust band and make a cover album of this and call it "Frankencrust"...Kinda take the slower, sludgier appeal of Amebix and apply it here. If anyone is up to that, I'm down. Anyways, I'll shut up, everyone has a different opinion on this record. I love and hate it. Fuck it, just enjoy!

Dead Kennedys-Frankenchrist:

1. Soup Is Good Food
2. Hellnation
3. This Could Be Anywhere
4. A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch
5. Chicken Farm
6. Jock O Rama
7. Goons Of Hazzard
8. MTV Get Off The Air
9. At My Job
10. Stars And Stripes Of Corruption

Click The Pic To Download:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cock Sparrer-Bloody Minded

This is my 300th post since I started this blog. I've been doing this for over a year now...It doesn't feel like it's been that long, but it has. Where the fuck did all that time go? What a waste.

To celebrate the big 300, here's some Cock Sparrer. "Bloody Minded" is a greatest hits album filled with the catchy football chants that we affectionately call Oi! Enjoy!

Cock Sparrer-Bloody Minded:

1. Because You're Young
2. Last Train To Dagenham
3. Bird Trouble
4. Tough Guys
5. Sunday Stripper
6. A.U.
7. I Feel A Death Coming On
8. Bats Out
9. Where Are They Now
10. Runnin' Riot
11. Argy Bargy
12. Run Away Johnny
13. Take 'Em All
14. England Belongs To Me


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nausea-Extinction: The Second Coming

When you bring up US crust, Nausea is one of the first, if not the first band to come to mind. They were one of the first bands I heard with the dual male/female vocal thing going on...Them and F-Minus were the first two. One thing that sticks with me about Nausea is that the drumming manifests the thought of two warring tribes coming together for a battle that is further imagined as the entire collective rhythm section rages on. The vocals are akin to the death cries as the spears pierce through the flesh, severing life to the utter nothingness that is life. Nausea is truly timeless, as there has never really been a band after that can come close to filling the void left by their absence. Nausea is really the only band like Nausea. Now I'm sick. Fuck. Enjoy!

Nausea-Extinction: The Second Coming:

1. Tech-No-Logic-Kill
2. Inherit The Wasteland
3. Johnny Got His Gun
4. Self Destruct
5. Butchers
6. Sacrifice
7. Godless
8. Clutches
9. Extinction
10. Battened
11. Blackened Dove
12. Void
13. Cybergod
14. Body Of Christ
15. Here Today
16. Lie Cycle
17. Fallout
18. Right To Live
19. Blood & Circus


Cobra-On The Streets

Now for the lighter side of Japanese punk...Here's Cobra. Think the complete polar opposite of G.I.S.M. They play what can be best described as Street Punk, but with more of an original Oi! aesthetic than what is typical of the modern evolution of Street Punk...They can be compared to Oxymoron, Rancid, Left Alone, Tim Again pretty fairly. Basically, it is catchy as fuck and easy to enjoy! So enjoy!

Cobra-On The Streets:

1. Life War
2. Tokyo Riot
3. Captain Nippon
4. On The Street
5. (Japanese Title)
6. Worst Music
7. Oi Oi Oi
8. Oi Tonight
9. Anamal Attack
10. Warrior's Rock
11. White Riot (The Clash)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


You've all undoubtedly heard the stories and seen the videos, so you know...You know that G.I.S.M. is that one band from Japan with that singer (Sakevi) who has a screw or two loose. That motherfucker be crazy with that flamethrower and shit...Beating up fans and those who dared sell counterfeit merchandise. Fuck, these guys had Yakuza on their side...Fucking crazy Japanese fucks. Anyways, I used to listen to this a lot back when I was in high school. I liked it then, but now I really like it. I've never really been one to recommend G.I.S.M. to anyone faint of heart or to anyone who really likes their music. In all honesty, the distortion on "DETESTation" sounds like bad Nintendo music and Sakevi is really the only one who can be heard clearly...Not understood, but heard...It's not the best produced, definitely not the best sounding and certainly not the best; it's just fucking good...And for inexplicable reasons to. Enjoy this pointlessly violent ruckus from the land of the rising sun, Godzilla, Sega, Pokemon, Nintendo and vending machines that sell used underwear!


1. Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter
2. Death, Agonies and Scream
3. ABC Weapons
4. Nih Nightmare
5. Document One
6. (Tear Their) Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces
7. Nuclear Armed Hogs
8. Anthem


Dropdead-Complete Discography

Here's something easy to find on the many punk blogs that infest the interweb. It's Dropdead's Discography. There's a fucking lot of songs, so I guess I'm gonna get started on the track list. Fuckers...Now that I am done and have returned, I will give my much valued opinion. Dropdead has 45 songs that sound almost exactly the same. What else I have gathered is that if the band met me, they'd probably hate me, for obvious reasons...And I'd probably hate them to, for obvious reasons as well...But that doesn't change the fact that I enjoy mediocre music that lacks talent and skill, yet still is insanely fast...Sure, there's more talent and skill to be found here than on any early Anal Cunt release, but at least Seth Putnam has a sense of humor...I guess at the end of the day, I just ♥ Powerviolence.

Dropdead-Complete Discography:

1. Hopeless
2. Bullshit Tradition
3. Sheep
4. A Nation Sleeps
5. Do You Choose Life?
6. At The Cost Of An Animal
7. I Will Defy
8. Army Of Hate
9. Bosnia
10. You Have A Voice
11. Fucking Assholes
12. Strength In Your Conviction
13. Nazi Atrocities
14. Herd
15. Monument To Stupidity
16. Unjustified Murder
17. The Circle Complete
18. Clone
19. Only A Fool
20. Requiem
21. Control
22. Life In Chains
23. Stolen Life
24. Chosen Path
25. Wake Of Deception
26. Washed Away
27. New World Slaughter
28. Fucking Assholes Part 2
29. Ignorant
30. Regression
31. Klan
32. No Glory
33. Doorway To Extinction
34. Protest
35. Direct Action
36. Power
37. Survival
38. Wound Runs Deep
39. Living In Fear
40. Confused
41. Attention
42. End The Slaughter
43. Truth Behind
44. Legacy Of Death
45. Still You Follow Blindly


Monday, June 8, 2009

Hellbastard-Ripper Crust (Demo)

Hellbastard is one of the more influential bands of the crust genre. They can be best described as a cross between Slayer and Crass. "Crust" was taken from the album title and was later applied to anything musically, aesthetically, or politically similar that would follow or even if it sounded similar and came before. It's a term I feel is used loosely as anything that is harsher sounding than Anarcho Punk, but still bears the same narrow minded politics of Crass can be called crust. Everything from Amebix to Extreme Noise Terror to Aus-Rotten to Leftover Crack is granted the title of Crust Punk, and while these bands do share some traits, they sound nothing alike. I am a genre-nut, so maybe I'm too picky on what is what. Fuck it. Anyways, take a deep breath of the noxious fumes that fill our air and try to enjoy this ever so important crust album that is simultaneously barely a footnote in the history of thrash metal (which it pretty much fucking is). Enjoy!

Hellbastard-Ripper Crust (Demo):

1. Intro
2. Nazi Killed
3. Massacre
4. Deceiver
5. Insanity
6. Death From Above
7. Life For Who
8. Kill Or Be Killed
9. Outside Claustrophobia


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Johnny Cash-Ring Of Fire: The Legend Of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash-Ring Of Fire: The Legend Of Johnny Cash:

1. Ring Of Fire
2. I Walk The Line
3. Jackson
4. Folsom Prison Blues
5. A Boy Named Sue (Live)
6. Big River
7. Get Rhythm
8. Cry, Cry, Cry
9. Hey Porter
10. A Thing Called Love
11. Guess Things Happen That Way
12. San Quentin (Live)
13. Man In Black
14. Highwayman
15. The Wanderer (U2 Starring Johnny Cash)
16. I've Been Everywhere
17. Rusty Cage
18. Personal Jesus
19. Give My Love To Rose
20. One
21. Hurt


Total Chaos-Punk Invasion

It's been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since then. The most important thing being, I moved back to the desert from Long Beach into my mom's new home in the lovely Spring Valley Lake gated community! Believe it or not, "The SVL" is cheaper than where she used to live in Phelan...I've been feeling down since the move back, but fuck it...Anyways, here is some Total Chaos to keep my spirits up!

"Punk Invasion" is a clusterfuck of almost every punk subgenre and somehow the album works. Believe me, there is some complete shit to be found here, but overall it's worth a listen. I enjoy. You enjoy! So enjoy!

Total Chaos-Punk Invasion:

1. Riot!!!
2. Punk Invasion
3. Fully Loaded
4. Attack (Keep 'Em Down)
5. Dopehead
6. D.U.I.
7. Sex And Violence (Exploited)
8. Tomorrow
9. A Punk Killed
10. Murdered
11. Time To Go
12. Wasteland
13. War In L.A.
14. We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
15. Casualties Of Hollywood
16. Hey Freak, Sid's Dead
17. Jock 'O Rama
18. Radio Tokyo
19. In Your Face
20. I'm Really Free
21. In Unity
22. We Are The Future