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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Build No System-Demo

Now that this blog has attracted somewhat of a following, the requests are pouring in in regards to my offer to post demos so long as they don't suck complete ass...And believe me, they usually do suck complete ass...Or eats ass with not a spoon or a fork, but a spork. Here's something that doesn't suck previously said ass. It's a little band from Cedar Falls, Iowa called Build No System. Upon first gracing my ears with these sweet sounds, I was blown away by the sheer fucking brutality of the music. It's hits hard and plays fast. The vocals have this whole deeper, crustyish thing going for them, which I do like, although it's musically more akin to traditional hardcore than anything else. I was surprised by the cleanliness of the production, considering that this is a demo by a punk band. None of the fury is lost in static, which is a major plus. I will not post demos (for the most part) that sound like shit, so don't send one if it does. Anyways, I really enjoyed this short burst of rage from Build No System...I hope to hear more from these guys...To the band, if you have more tracks, send 'em for me to post...To my readers, enjoy!

Build No System-Demo:

1. Angels And Pies (All I Eat)
2. Do What They Want
3. Dr. Dean Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease
4. Glue (SSD Cover)
5. Welcome To America
6. Your Loss




Anarchobox said...

Hahah solid and hardcore to a T. Quality's good too. Thanks for posting it!

Elizabeth, commonly known as Winky. said...

Yo, thanks for posting our music.
The first song is actually called "angels" not "apples", haha, it made me laugh though.

ZAchAtTacK69 said...

My bad, didn't look at what I was typing.