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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Treephort-...And The Streets Will Run Red With The Blood Of The Nonbelievers

Treephort (from Atlanta, GA.) plays a very humorous form of punk-pop with elements of hardcore, and third wave ska that the band describes as "Nerdcore". This left me in stitches the first time I heard it and it still does to this day, where crust rules and images of a barren, dystopian future prevail in the majority of my chosen listening material. For whatever reason, the rip I am providing does cut in and out a few times throughout, but it doesn't really curtail the listening experience to the point where brains explode, like in that movie "Scanners"...It's more of a mild annoyance than anything else and it is not a known cause of cancer...At least not proven yet. Give them a chance and above everything else, enjoy!

Treephort-...And The Streets Will Run Red With The Blood Of The Nonbelievers:

1. Hey I'm Thirteen Years Old
2. Ontario
3. Soccer Mom
4. Trailer Trash
5. Hemp Necklace
6. So I Do
7. Dont Do Drugs
8. Eat Blazing Electric Death Bitch
9. Leprosy Strikes The Supermarket
10. The Streets Will Run Red With The Blood Of Nonbelievers
11. Loser
12. Pool Party
13. The Whale Song
14. I'd Rather Be Gay Than Go Out With You Again
15. Cj, Stay Out Of My Way You Country Hick
16. Why Do Fat Kids Like Metallica?
17. Thank You
18. Billy Goat
19. My Penis Is Small
20. Whats Wrong With My Puppy?
21. Natural Solution
22. Yearbook Picture
23. Plastic Manger Scene
24. Christmas Time Is Here
25. Friends Forever
26. God Bless America, Amen
27. Beats Me