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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Recharge was a D-beat band from Germany that existed from the early 90s to 1998. They had 3 full lengths and also released 2 splits, one with Extinct Government and the other with External Menace. How would I describe their sound? Great, aside from being another Discharge clone...I have a love/hate relationship with the genre of D-beat as it is...They certainly didn't innovate the genre (which I don't see how any band could)...They just made a collection of songs that if played to me back to back with any other D-beat band, I couldn't tell the difference between the two. I hate D-beat for the same reasons I love it and if you really must know my opinion regarding the genre, read back a little bit on some of my older posts. Welcome to punk rock special ed! Enjoy!


1. Einleitung Hamburg42
2. Der scheiß Weg hinaus
3. Dekadent
4. Die Brandung
5. Vergeltungsschlag
6. Furcht, Angst, Panik, Hass
7. Millionen Menschen
8. Freund oder Feind
9. Menschen hassen Menschen
10. Stillstand
11. Dreckiges Geld
12. Leben
13. Bullenschweineterror
14. Der Tod
15. Herz aus Hass



Recharge-Silent Screams

Recharge-Menschen, Hass, Vernichtung


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