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Friday, August 28, 2009

Slushfund-While We're Still Ahead

A Shpadoinkle Punk Blog had this first, so try to download their link instead of mine if you can. I got this a while ago and I'm not sure where...Maybe it was from them. My brain's fucked as it is, so even attempting to remember something that trivial brings a pain akin to brain freeze or some kind of cerebral hemorrhage. So, I won't...Which brings us to today's post...Slushfund was a ska-core band that kicked ass. The majority of ska-core sucks major ass in my humble, yet honest opinion. It's nice when a band does it right. Too bad they broke up. Now bask in the glory of these 28 tracks of skank worthy joy that will make you utter a few "Oi!'s" here and there...Then it'll kill you...Because I said...Enjoy!

Slushfund-While We're Still Ahead

1. Control
2. How We Want
3. Another Chinese Song
4. Wipe The Floor
5. Both Sides
6. Just Can't Take It
7. As Seen On TV
8. What To Choose
9. From The Class
10. Decide It's Done
11. Middle Name's Macho
12. Kind Of Sort Of
13. Count On It
14. Structure Boy
15. Only Room
16. Look Mom
17. It's A Must
18. Teddy's
19. C'mon Joleen
20. Death To Glam
21. Pike
22. Humore Zero
23. Surge Arrest
24. Uncle Raymond
25. Attimes/All Your Friends To
26. Her Season (Live)
27. Stand Defined (Live)
28. Just Can't Take It (Live)


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Shpadoinkle_Punk said...

I love this album, I'm glad you posted too. Check out the O'City Bombers album from my blog. It has 2 members of Slushfund in it. Thanks for linking my blog, I put a link up of yours.