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Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad Brains-I Against I

I'd recommend this album based solely off the strength of the title track, but that's not to say the whole album isn't good...If not great. On this release, (the) Bad Brains successfully channeled that hardcore rage that made their first couple of releases classic into a more cohesive package that makes this album a landmark in both hardcore punk and metal...With no reggae detours, it keeps the energy flowing through it's entire run...All the tracks can be appreciated on one level or another. My only real criticism falls on the song "Sacred Love", but it's hard calling it a bad song. Maybe it's the way H.R. recorded his vocals over the phone in jail that turns me off. All in all, this recording is wrapped in an very MTV friendly package. It's not blisteringly fast, and the production value is quite high, so it's not hard to imagine this being played on MTV (which is was) or on the radio (which it was and is, from time to time, mostly late at night). (the) Bad Brains certainly deserve to be on that VH1 list, maybe a lot fucking higher though. Enjoy!

Bad Brains-I Against I:

1. Intro
2. I Against I
3. House Of Suffering
4. Re-Ignition
5. Secret 77
6. Let Me Help
7. She's Calling You
8. Sacred Love
9. Hired Gun
10. Return To Heaven


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