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Monday, May 25, 2009

Rancid-Rancid (2000)

We all know Rancid as that band that ripped off the Clash more so than any other band to ever exist, as that band that ruined "Somebody's Gonna Die" by Blitz and as that band with Jerry's kids' alumnus Timmy on vocals. Rancid, at the point before this album had been released were at their peak of Clash wannabe-ism. "Rancid (2000)" strips away most of the Clash, the ska, the shit, the crap and the bullshit for what is a damn fine piece of hardcore punk. Their first two albums were nowhere near as good, or even as fast. They hadn't given Matt Freeman a turn at lead vocals since "Lets Go" and here they finally passed the mic stand over to the bass extraordinaire for 3 songs. Of the singers of Rancid, I've always thought Matt was underutilized. He has a deep, gritty bellow similar to Barry White if Barry White smoked 3 packs a day. This is the best Rancid had to offer, so enjoy it!

Rancid-Rancid (2000):

1. Don Giovanni
2. Disgruntled
3. It's Quite Alright
4. Let Me Go
5. I Am Forever
6. Poison
7. Loki
8. Blackhawk Down
9. Rwanda
10. Corruption
11. Antennas
12. Rattlesnake
13. Not To Regret
14. Radio Havanna
15. Axiom
16. Black Derby Jacket
17. Meteor Of War
18. Dead Bodies
19. Rigged On A Fix
20. Young Al Capone
21. Reconciliation
22. GGF




rancid were never that good again!this is fucking brutal one of my all time faves!

breakyaface1864 said...

I second that! I bought this one myself :D listened to it until the disc was completely fucked, forgot about it, now I am gonna bump it to our people on SMHC :D