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Monday, May 25, 2009

Zyklome A-Noise And Distortion

Zyklome A were a hardcore punk band from Belgium that existed in the early 80s to about the mid-late 80s...I'm not really sure. "Noise And Distortion" came out in 1997 and basically serves as their complete discography, spanning their "Made In Belgium" LP, EP's , compilation release and live sets. "We All Hate Cops", and "I Hate This World, But I Love My Life" are just two examples of the hardcore greats you'll find here...I'll give you 38 reasons to love this band (See accompanying track list). Give them a listen. Enjoy!

Zyklome A-Noise And Distortion:

1. Why?
2. Target Of Police Controls
3. Save The Last Pogo For Me
4. Somewhere They're Still Fighting
5. We All Hate Cops
6. Scapegoats
7. Belgium
8. Change Your Life
9. I Hate This World, But I Love My Life
10. Last War
11. Atomic Powers
12. Sick Administration
13. People Die
14. De Bommen Vallen
15. Computerized World
16. Angry Faces
17. Abort All Wars
18. Telaat
19. Different Kind Of People
20. School
21. In The Night I Feel Free
22. The End
23. Chemical Abuse
24. Mindless Violence
25. Noise And Distortion
26. Hardcore Bleus
27. World Facism/Different Kind Of People (Live)
28. Democratic Indoctrination (Live)
29. What A Life (Live)
30. Fuck E.T. (Live)
31. Somewhere They're Still Fighting (Live)
32. Scapegoats (Live)
33. Change Your Life (Live)
34. I Hate This World, But I Love My Life (Live)
35. People Die (Live)
36. The End (Live)
37. Target Of Police Controls (Live)
38. School (Live)


1 comment:

Beathoven said...

Hi there

I am looking for the artwork of this cd.
Inside the booklet there seems to be a cartoonlike drawing of a festival in Londerzeel by Reinzwein & Skinny for their 21st birthday.
As it happens I am Skinny and I am looking for this leaflet for quite a long time now!
Could you send me a copy please?


As a favor I won't tell the band members of Zyklome A that you put their album & singles for download ;-)