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Thursday, April 24, 2008

4-Skins-The Wonderful World Of The 4-Skins

I have a soft spot for English Oi! bands. I love the mid-tempo football chants. When I first got into punk, I was listening to a lot of Oi! and I even went through a skinhead phase...Thank god I'm out of that bullshit. I still love some of the music and here's some 4-Skins for you...The next time someone tells you the Casualties are street punk, slap them and give them this album...

4-Skins-The Wonderful World Of The 4-Skins:

1. I Don't Wanna Die
2. One Law For Them
3. Yesterday's Heroes
4. Clockwork Skinhead
5. A.C.A.B.
6. Seems to Me
7. Low Life
8. On the Streets
9. Evil
10. Five More Years
11. Jack the Lad
12. Wonderful World
13. Chaos


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