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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Method Man & Redman-Blackout!

This album represents one of the best collaborations of two independently successful artists in the hip-hop genre. It is one of my favorite rap albums of all time. Even though it was released in 1999, it has a certain old school hip-hop aesthetic to it and it features some of the best production I've ever heard. Check it out if you haven't heard it before...

Method Man & Redman-Blackout!:

1. A Special Joint (Intro)
2. Blackout!
3. Mi Casa
4. Y.O.U.
5. 4 Seasons
6. Cereal Killer
7. Da Rockwilder
8. Tear It Off
9. Where We At (Skit)
10. 1,2,1,2
11. Maaad Crew
12. Run 4 Cover
13. The ?
14. Dat's Dat Shit
15. Cheka
16. Fire Ina Hole
17. Well All Rite Cha


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